Palm Trees in southern Florida

Monday, October 23, 2017

St. Joseph Missouri sucked up a day ....

On our way south we stopped in St Joseph Missouri to see the ... well my wife wanted to see the Pony Express Museum & I wanted to see the house where Jesse James was killed.

The original Pony Express building 

The house Jesse James was renting when killed

We also stopped to see the Patee Museum.

The Patee building

The Pony Express museum was good, more than expected! 

At the Jesse James house, it was interesting to be in 'the' place where a big piece of American western folklore actually happened.

Both of those places were done well & I learned  a bit!

Then we went in to the Patee House Museum... 

A wide variety 
A steam locomotive

Lot's of shops, with equipment 

That's where we never even heard the sucking sound as the rest of the day went away.

Oh Wow! We were just starting the second floor when they announced closing time in 15 minutes, where had the day gone?

This was in a room on the second floor

It was just stuff. A full sized steam locomotive, cars & a jeep. A representation of a whole small town, from the barber shop to the blacksmith, let's not forget the drug store or the music store or anything! It's all done well and it's all so interesting.

A Giant ball of string!

Like I said the day disappeared.


  1. Sounds like fun! My family lived in St. Jo when I was in the third grade. Our house was on the main lane to a huge cemetary. It seemed like every weekend, we were treated to a parade :)

    1. You were in good company, there was a section in the Patee museum on people who'd lived there, Walter Cronkite for example.

  2. We gotta go see that giant ball of string! :-D