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Friday, October 20, 2017

Gone is the flat!

Heading south on I-29 out of North Dakota was neither good or bad, it was heading south having finished the work.


A stop in the big city (Grand Forks) for some errands & shopping then we continue south.  Spent the night at a rest area in ND then we went south some more, it's a good thing we're leaving as it went into the 20's that night!


and flat

and more flat

Sometime that second day I noticed hills off to the west & got excited. 

A Hill !


Not too much later the road was going through the hills & I was smiling.

It had been over a month on the flat prairie of North Dakota/Minnesota.  It wasn't until we got into the hills that I realized how much I'd missed a changing topography.

I was surprised.

I'm not saying there was anything wrong with the prairie, it was beautiful & all the trees planted as a wind break, well they just looked good.  But it was flat farm land. Lot's and lot's of flat farm land.

A whole lot of food is grown here....


It was good to get back to the hills!

Ya, it's not much of a finish to this blog but leaving the flat is like that....


  1. I pulled an RV through North Dakota driving east coming back from Alaska and it was just as you said. It seemed to me there was a makeshift cross on the roadside about every mile or so where people had been killed.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  2. Replies
    1. Yes it is, funny how after a month that flat looks "normal".