Palm Trees in southern Florida

Monday, August 24, 2015

I can't say I haven't seen anything...

It's been awhile again since I posted, it's been personally an eventful couple of months but there has not been a damn thing I can point my finger at and say "that was a worthwhile observation, worth passing along".

Ft Vancouver and Mt Hood
I moved my van's spare tire to the outside, hanging on the rear door. That went ok.

The spare tire is outside!

I changed my steering gear box. That went ok after I got my brain in gear.

It's heavy

I redid the bed in the van, got a futon mattress from Ikea for it. That works but not like I wanted it to.

This is bed #3

I picked up a plastic chest of drawers, put a sink in, built a kitchen & shelves. That went ok, took some readjusting as I went along but it ended well.

I worked with a table saw in a place with enough room to really enjoy it. That went really well, I'd forgotten how good woodworking left me feeling.

I went to the beach. That's always good, the ocean is a special place.

A Washington beach

I walked across a really noisy bridge into Portland Oregon and back to Vancouver Washington. The walk was nice, the weather was great and the vehicles made a lot of noise on the bridge.
Walking on the bridge

Bridge from the distance
On the bridge
I was pulled over by an unmarked SUV. I hate seeing those flashing lights behind me... just hate it.

[no pictures of the cop in uniform or his very unmarked car]

I made plans for the winter. My plans for this year up to now have not survived my reality very well but I keep trying. It'll be better next month, I'm sure of it!
My winter plans are to dress like this
All of this was 'ordinary', everyday things, nothing noteworthy.