Palm Trees in southern Florida

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What will they think in 2,000 years?

I stopped at the Stonehenge full sized replica that sits on a bluff over looking the Columbia river in Maryhill Washington
Maryhill Washington

I wonder what people will think it was for in 2000 years?

If you're ever out that way there is a real pleasant state park on the Washington side and COE dispersed camping on both sides of the river up by the John Day dam.

John Day dam from the WA side

Some of the Oregon side COE dispersed camping

Dispersed area on the Washington side

There is a lot of space for camping. There is native fishing, trains, barges, windsurfers and other traffic to watch on the river.

Look for Rufus Oregon on your map 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Eugene Oregon

I found myself in Eugene Oregon for a while with not much to do.

I'm not a city person, but I am trying to expand my horizons, (in my last posting I sounded like a low rent food critic) so... after spending some time this summer in the old downtown of Flagstaff Arizona (and enjoying it) I thought I'd walk thru down town Eugene & see what I thought!

I followed the signs "Downtown" they had on the freeway. Was this "the" downtown I was looking for? No idea really...
I parked ($1/hr Mon-Sat till 7pm), paid my dollar and went walking.

The place did not grab me like Flagstaff did,  it reminded me a lot of Olympia Washington.

wall murals 


street people hanging out in the park

 Very pretty parts, a sculpture of Ken Kelsey & his grandkids right next to a Voodo doughnut shop.

I did try Voodo's bacon/maple bar this time, $3 worth of maple bar with 2 strips of crunchy bacon on top. It was a doughnut with bacon on it... I shared the bacon with the dog.

There were a lot of places to eat, places to buy used clothing, places to get a tattoo.

I did wonder about the shop's name...
There was even a building on a corner with small & tall locked cages outside, there were signs in all the windows saying "No Trespassing", No Loitering" and even one giving a dictionary definition of "loitering". There was were no signs identifying what the building was.
The cages are along the wall to the right in this picture

I saw no book stores, no outdoor/bike shops, no gun shops and no Laundromats. I did find the government (if you've ever wondered).
with an additional sign explaining how it works

I found zombie preparations

50 minutes after I arrived I got back in my van & drove back to my daughters place.  She lived in a an apartment, in an area full of apartments but an area with walking paths and ponds with fountains and a creek or two. Very nice.

Tomorrow we'll go into Portland, she's never been to Powell's City Of Books.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Pizza Pizza!

I was going to do a blog on tools today. Pliers and vice-grips, ply bars and screw drivers, Harbor Freight and Sears. As much as I like tools I love pizza too and ended up with a pizza blog. -Shrug-

A box of tools, 8"x8"x24" and the tool you want is on the bottom
but the box stows really nice

Once I discovered that Little Caesars had a 'ready to go pizza' for $5 (Rockport Texas, the winter before last) I had to try it. In my opinion that's not a bad pizza!

This is a Little Caesars ad

Since that first time I've been know to go around the block & come back when I drove past a Little Caesars .... well I had to be hungry & have a $5 bill in my pocket too. The point is I think their $5 pizza is worth the time to stop, even go back & stop!

Today we were back in town & I stopped at Walmart for a can of coffee, it's the 1st of the month & I'm running low. I really don't want to run out of coffee!

My coffee
 Walking to the checkout I passed a rack of ready to heat $5 Walmart pizza.

This is Walmart, no doubt they heard I'd go around the block for a $5 pizza from Little Caesars and Walmart will do what they can to get my $5. In this case they put the pepperoni pizza right next to where I had to walk.
It was lunch time... it was hot & ready to go (the sign said so!), it was 'only' $5.... we bought one.

The box!
The pizza

Now I understand about Walmart, I buy my coffee there because of the price, I buy lot's of stuff there because of the price. I don't use the Walmart house brand Shake-n-Bake because of the taste, it's cheaper but just not as good, same with the fresh doughnuts but the house brand salad dressing works just fine for me.
It's trial & error in the Walmart brands.

Back to the pizza.
Years ago we took one of our kids to Chucky Cheese for a birthday (don't remember who, the oldest kid is 40 & my baby is 23) the kids had fun & I tried the pizza.
Just that one time I tried the pizza, not good, memorable in how not good it was.

This Walmart $5 pizza reminded me of that trip to Chucky Cheese all those years ago.
It was not really that bad, I even ate it, so did the dog but Chucky Cheese was the only thing I had to compare is to.