Palm Trees in southern Florida

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Head'n South!

The beet harvest is finally over, got a call at 4:30 in the afternoon telling me we were done! No more nights, the little remaining would be handled by the day crew. Just like that.

Our official harvest started at midnight on Saturday the 30th and ended (for us) at 0200 the morning of the 10th. 11 days.

We're heading south, we've some business in Georgia to take care of & some people to visit. Then it will probably be time to head to Florida.

Home for the last month

Now keep in mind that we have 1500 miles to go & we are not on a time schedule anymore.

Lot's of route choices... Kansas City for some bbq?

Via KC

Maybe Chicago for some of the eateries on my list?
The Chicago route

My list you ask? 

Yes I have one!  

After I realized I'd driven past the Alamo 3 times without knowing it, I made a list of places I wanted to stop, things I wanted to see & I put them on a map. 

Now I look at the map to see if I'm going to pass by anything that caught my interest enough to wind up on the Travel List.  
I might even make a place from the list into a destination!

The list grew as I'd become aware of new places. 

I've found many off "Diners Drive-ins & Dives" but not all are food places. Niagara Falls is there just because I want to see it again.

The realities of our travels ... the current weather when we're traveling may affect the route choices.


  1. I guess you're glad that's over! Do you think you'll do it again next year?

    Here are a couple more places to add to your list.
    If you go to St. Louis do not miss Forest Park. The park is beautiful with paved trails, three museums and a zoo. Everything is free except if you want to park close to the zoo which isn't necessary because there's plenty of parking elsewhere.

    One of the best weird attractions is in Wisconsin - The House on the Rock. It's kind of expensive but we've been there three times and would go again if we pass near it.

    Have a good trip south!

  2. The 12hr days I could get used to , the daytime sleeping was the hardest part.

    I'll think about next year later :-)

    I'll make a note of the spots, thank you!