Palm Trees in southern Florida

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hood Canal Washington

Salt water, boat, houses, mountains & trees
I'm back in Washington state and up by the Hood Canal at my daughter's for a few days. I forget how beautiful it is up here, especially when the sun is shining.

This is the back yard above the cliff

This the cliff between the house and Hwy 106

Water, mountains & trees.

We camped farther up the canal over the fourth of July this year, it was nice. The salt water was warmer than the creek.

Walking down to Union WA

Hood Canal

Along other parts of the waterway there are fruit trees that were planted by the settlers way back when. There are fish, crabs, blackberries & shrimp too!

Wild rose with huge hose hips

With a boat you have access to a lot of the resources

People who live here or just visit have not only water orientated hobbies but regular passions too.

A garden next to the water
A beach house

Beach house toys
 Life on salt water has always seems 'different' to me, well different from fresh water but I've spent a huge part of my life around the salt water.  I'd missed it.

Not the best place to walk

Seafood farming

Just walking

I took a walk along Hwy 106 this morning and was reminded of what I missed.  It's like I found something I didn't even realize I'd lost!