Palm Trees in southern Florida

Sunday, October 21, 2018

The Fall Vandweller SE GTG at Tumbling Creek,Tennessee.

We're sitting here at what Cuzzin Dyck tells me is the 8th Annual Fall Southeast Get Together here at Tumbling Creek in Tennessee. 

Tumbling creek is just out our front door

Cuzzin Dyck started it & he's been rolling with it every year since then. He's friends with a lot of the locals (good folks!), there is fire wood and a fire going almost all the time.
The nearest towns are Ducktown & Copperhill.

Folks hanging around the camp fire

This is my 3rd one but I have been here camping at least once when it wasn't a GTG. Nice place! 

The spot is an abandoned Forest Service campground. Some years back, the Forest Service showed up one night, picked up all the tables, the fire rings & boarded up the outhouse and capped the well.... the next morning it was no longer a Forest Service campground...  

This is a 'bring everything yourself' camp.  There is a creek and places to park or set up a tent. You are on your own for toilet facilities too.

The view from the far end

The view from the main road

There is a fair amount of shade so solar does not do as well as at some places... It's one in the afternoon right now, Rich has sunlight & will have it the rest of the day, Dyck too. Our panel should be getting full sunlight in an hour or so...
A good Verizon signal but no ATT.

Larry the RVing Kitty

A bunch of friends show up for as much or as little camping as they care to do or have time for.   You occupy your time doing what makes you happy & sit around the campfire shooting the shit... This is just friends camping in the fall.

Usually meals are fend for yourself but every now & then someone gets an idea & we all join in. 

Good eats!

We had a really nice pot luck a few days back, EVERYTHING was great!  Mac-n-cheese, homemade egg rolls, Chicken Parmesan, pickled vegetable salad, sliced tomatoes, garlic bread, brownies & peanut butter fudge.  Last night I made a big pot of simple spaghetti, someone else had hard rolls & herb-garlic butter... good good good!

There was some talk of chili & a roast tonight.

There are forest roads, old homestead sites, a fishing lake at the end of this road and the creek. Tumbling Creek is a nice one too!

This morning it was in the lower 30's.  I had to put long pants on yesterday evening and a denim jacket over my hooded sweatshirt this morning. Any less of a campfire & I'd have had to put shoes & sock on! 

Dressed warm

The fire keeps the toes warm!

It's getting near time to head farther south!!

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Belfast Maine

We've been up this way for a while now parked on a friends place not too far from Belfast. It's a really pleasant part of the world!

Parked at a friends for the summer

Dirt roads, tar roads, dirt to tar to dirt roads. Trees, lots & lots of trees of all types. A very green land. Farms, dairies, farmers markets & homesteads.  

Book stores, used book stores all over the place! 
I've been places where there are no book stores & that's not here!

The road to our friend's house

There were several farmers markets

I have never seen such a small place with so much to do every day,  the local free papers had numerous activities listed for every day during the summer.

The harbor. Just a beautiful place full of sailboats, I don't remember ever seeing this many twin masted sailboats in one place before. 

Floating docks
Boats tied off to buoys in the harbor

A lot of sail boats

There is a walkway along the shore and there is a foot bridge over the bay that used to be a train track. 

The foot bridge ran where the RR tracks used to be

The foot bridge can open for boats

The ship yard tour was a good one.
We went inside the huge boat shops too.

There is a thriving downtown with book shops, bike shops, art shops, bakery & places to eat.

There were several streets and they were all active

And the lobsters! Can't forget the lobsters...

Right on the water

Good eats here!

At the grocery store ...
this was the day after the prices went up

Our dinner one night, $18 & they were steamed
before we took them home
At home, ready to be cleaned & eaten

We ate them on a lobster roll. 

I didn't know what a lobster roll was until we stopped at a roadside stand. Lobster meat on a hot dog bun with melted butter.  Spendy but good!

We also had a boiled lobster dinner for two at a seaside restaurant near Rockland.