Palm Trees in southern Florida

Monday, April 24, 2017

How my thinking works...

I was in Lowes looking for a piece of wood to build a spice rack.   

A small rack,  just enough room for the spices I like to grab when I'm cooking.

I found the wood I wanted, it was being sold as lattice. 
$7+ for an eight foot long piece of inch and a half by 1/8th".  
Wow, spendy I thought...

As I was heading towards the check out stand I walked by the dimensional lumber. An eight foot long select 2x6 is only $6. 


That got me thinking about the really nice Delta table saw I walked by on my way to the wood...

With that $600 table saw I could cut a lot of 1/8th" strips out of a $6 piece of wood even with a 1/8th" blade kerf!  

Hmmm.. a $600 table saw will save me a bunch if I need lattice. 

Of course then I'd need a place to keep the table saw...  
Lowes sells sheds!

With my thinking this is all reasonable!

In the end I bought the piece of lattice.

Monday, April 3, 2017


I'm 64 years old and there are a few things I did, or didn't do, in my lifetime that I regret. Not a lot but some.

Today I was in a parking lot and I was reminded of one of my few regrets.
It's even green...

A VW diesel Rabbit

Back in 1981 or so I almost bought a brand spanking new VW Rabbit, metallic green, four doors, manual transmission & a diesel engine.

I was in the dealers office with the paperwork in front of me, the pen was in hand, sign my name & drive away. That new car smell AND 50 miles per gallon.

I was actually holding the pen...

I looked at the $121 a month payment (yes, one hundred twenty one dollars) and said to myself, "I can't spend that much money on a car!".

I put the pen down and walked away...

Whenever I see a VW Rabbit I always remember that day and I always regret not signing that paperwork.

There are worse regrets to have.... but still.