Palm Trees in southern Florida

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Bread Ties

Every time I go to open a new loaf of bread I grab the tie & start to turn it to the left to loosen it, then stop when I realize I'm going the wrong way!   These ties need to be turned to the right to open it.

A new loaf from the store

I come from a land where "righty tighty - lefty loosey" is king and every time I pick up a twist tie that is on backwards I wonder about it. 

For something different here's a tape 

I went online & looked at bread tie machines to see if there was a reason... that was no help. 

I went and looked to see if anyone else had noticed this & maybe found an answer? 
Sadly, it looks like I'm just another crackpot.

One thing I did learn on my search for "why the ties loosen backwards" was what the color of the tie means. It's a general sort of code for what day the bread was baked.

Blue is Monday
Green is Tuesday
Red is Thursday
Friday is White
Saturday is Yellow

My fascination with this got me thinking about another subject I actually care about, which way the toilet paper comes off the roll.

This question I found had a definitive answer, with US Patent No. 459,516 dated Sept 15, 1891, granted to Seth Wheeler.

Over the front

Getting back to the bread ties...
You can say "clockwise" to tighten.  I suspect there are a lot of people out there in the 21st Century who are not familiar with which direction a clock's hands turn... maybe I should just let that one sit....

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Broadcast TV & the satellites

The other day we were at a local fair, the "Maine Wild Blueberry Festival" in Union, Maine.

The local fair

It was not huge, it was local. A lot of 4H animals, canning, produce, art, crafts & food, harness racing too!  

A lamb

Harness racing

A midway with the usual rides and games... I found out (again) that my body does not like the rides like it used to!  Maybe I'll remember this time?  

This Ferris wheel is about my speed these days

A rural kind of fair. My wife & I split a bottle of "Moxie", a soda pop that's "distinctly different", an old time New England brand.  It's not often that I run across a new (to me) soda pop.  Yes, it was different.

All kinds of stuff to see at the fair but the one that stood out to me was the lonely guy selling Dish satellite TV. As we walked past he got our attention and asked "who is your current provider?" My wife answered, "Over the air," & I said, "An antenna", he said, "Thanks, enjoy the fair," and sat back down.  It looked like he had time on his hands...

I have to admit that broadcast TV using the antenna that came with this RV is more than enough most places. 

The stock RV antenna on a Maine back road

There are only a few things I care to watch & my laptop with the Hauppauge USB dongle is a TV and a fine DVR, so I can watch what I want, when I want, if I want.

If that's not enough there is the internet.

The MiFi brings the internet

We don't need satellite TV for entertainment... 

Actually, we have books too, both Kindle & real books.

The RV antenna up close

After all that big talk about antennas, just watch me the first time I get the chance for satellite or cable TV !  :-)