Palm Trees in southern Florida

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Another Free Camp Area Goes Away

Bastendorff Beach in 2017
A couple of years back we came across a small chunk of BLM land on the ocean, not far from Coos Bay Oregon. It was a place you could hang out for a few days at the beach, listen to, and smell, the ocean. It was free to stay there.

We came back to see if there was any room. And there was a lot of room. Probably because of all the signs that said "No Overnight Parking or Camping" with a few "Day Use Only" signs mixed in, just in case you weren't sure.

I do understand. This was a nice place and it's not too far from things. I'm imagining that some people started homesteading in the area, and it was noticed and dealt with. A squeaky wheel may get greased or they may just toss the cart.

There is a County Park & state park in the vicinity, it's not like there are no options.

There are more RVs out in the U.S. these days;  boomers who retired, people who found some aspect of vanlife appealing and those moving to a van-car-tent simply because it gives them a roof over their head.  If you look on YouTube, FaceBook and the other 'modern' means of (controlled) discourse in our world there are a lot of people looking at this form of being a nomad.

Bob Wells and his CheapRVliving has a yearly rendezvous (the RTR, the rubber tramp rendezvous) that has grown huge since he started using YouTube. I'm talking about thousands of people who show up to visit, meet like-minded folks & learn how to get free rent. 

Overview of some of the RTR in January 2018
IMO it worked well when it was a just a few people, but when thousands and thousands get together it's noticed. When society notices someone trying to do something out of the norm it gets dealt with. Marking Bastendorff beach as "No Overnight Parking" was one result of it being noticed.

There are still places where you can camp for free in the West, just not at Bastendorff Beach anymore.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Whale Watching

We took a whale watching tour with Puget Town Express out of Port Townsend, WA and had a great time!

We boarded the boat at 10am but it was a very short walk from the campground we stayed at. We were back in port by 3 pm. We ordered the box lunch and that turned out to be a worthwhile sandwich and a big step to a no-hassle outing.

Glacier Spirit

The crew was knowledgeable, professional and friendly. The boat Glacier Spirit was comfortable and the coffee was good.

Yes we saw whales! I'd go again!!

Good views on the way

Folks dressed to be outside

Our position was tracked and displayed

Thar She Blows!

Any whale sighting brings out all the whale watching boats 

The other two boats

Seeing the whale's tail like that gave me a good feeling

I enjoyed it, it was worth the money and I will do it again.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

A Wedding!

After doing the genealogy in Ohio and Michigan, we traveled across the top of the country following US Hwy 2. 

US Hwy 2

We stayed at casinos quite a few times. They were free, often  offered electrical plug ins, had good places to eat, and I always enjoyed the chance to test my luck with my $10 entertainment money!

We had a wedding to go to!

My youngest daughter got married. I walked her down the aisle. I didn't give her away - she is a free woman - I just walked her down the aisle.

Walking Gwendolyn Down the Aisle

It was a wonderful time!

All my kids were there & that is something I don't see often. I have a picture now so I can see them anytime I want!

Ethan, Jed, Gwen (the bride), Alex (the groom) and Brandy

One thing I did observe... a number of my daughter's friends from Minnesota came out for the wedding. All these people who were kids for so many years are now all grown up. It didn't leave me feeling old, but rather amazed at being able to see the world work like it's supposed to!