Palm Trees in southern Florida

Sunday, October 26, 2014


The GPS I have today is a tool and a toy. One of my favorite toys!

I have long been a fan of the GPS. My first look at one was when they installed the hand held model in the Coast Guard HH-65A in the later 90's, it made ops & position reports a breeze.

I eventually got one for the car (it was a TomTom) and other than it didn't know where I was when I was home & didn't know where the local roads were it didn't hardly ever get me lost. It was great for finding the interstate when I was away from it in a strange area.
I got rid of it.

I replaced it with a Garmin & that was a good machine! Not only did it know where I was when I was home, it could find a grocery store if I was in a strange town & hitting the "home" button would get me to the interstate no matter how lost I seemed.

The best part was it told me when I was going to arrive.

I worked the 2nd shift so I had a good part of the day to goof off if I wanted to. With the gps set to 'work' I could leave early and do things, the machine would tell me when I was going to arrive at my destination. I could goof off until I had to be there.
That was great!

It also helped me to feel 'better', back then I drove an '84 VW camper all the time. On a bad day (on my way to work) I could hit "Key West" in the gps memory and put Jimmy Buffet on the CD player, I was self contained and had the directions to "paradise" in front of me. I'd smile and take my exit to work (it was on the way to Florida) feeling better just because the option was there.

The other day I tried to do this very mood alternator ...   I could not find Jimmy Buffet in the car & my new GPS wouldn't display the time/distance. 
Something more to work on...

MARGARITAVILLE - Jimmy Buffett, Glenn Frey 1977 Aspen High School

Saturday, October 11, 2014


I like pizza, I like to make pizza.
It was different when we had a big family but on occasion I do it now.

A bread machine does a fine job on the dough

I live in an RV and I have limited room to store stuff but one of the things I kept was the bread machine.  I have actually made bread with it since we moved into the RV and it does a great job of  kneading dough, any dough.


I have several pizza dough recipes but today I used the one that came with the machine. Flour, water, olive oil, yeast and salt. It was topped with tomato paste, garlic powder, Italian seasoning, Parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese, Italian sausage, jalapenos & onion.

Spices & parmesan cheese

I have read about people who cannot see why an RV should have an oven.
I have read about people who have never used their oven and use the space as storage. My RV oven is important as an oven.

In the oven

Those people do not know about being parked way out somewhere and having fresh pizza. There is nothing like pizza when you're a long ways from anywhere.

It was good.

Worth the effort!

There was a time my kids asked me why I didn't get job making pizza, I like it but if I'd done it 8 hours a day it might have gotten old & turned into a job!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Back in Washington

We're back in Washington to do some medical things, have been here for over a month. My dermatologist visit went well & that is the one I was concerned about.

It's a bit of the drive to the doctors, the shorter way is over a bridge with a $5.50 toll & the other way adds 6 minutes.

Time vs money, it's the old argument!  I have more time than money....

I added the 6 minutes on the trip down & went over the bridge for free on the way back.

A cow of a different color


"Cheap" gas

The Olympic mountains (viewed from the east)

There is a lot to see on the drive to Tacoma & back but it's hard to take a picture when you're driving.