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Monday, August 12, 2019

The National Air Force Museum

I wanted to stop & see the Air Force museum at Wright/Patterson AFB in Dayton Ohio.  I heard lot of good things about it from different sources.

They were all correct! 

A great museum, free too!   I really don't want to get carried away with airplane pictures, I could!

Space Suit

R-1820 engine, the 1st aircraft engine I worked on
in the Coast Guard

This drone is HUGE!
It's a Global Hawk, RQ-4A  44' long with a wingspan of 115'

A selfie in front of THE Apollo 15 capsule 

President Kennedy had the 1st jet powered Air Force One
This is it.

All the past "Air Force Ones" are on display, you can walk thru them and see how it was.

This is where Lyndon Baines Johnson was sworn
in as the 36th President.

We stayed at an Ohio State Park for our Dayton/AF Museum visit, and that was a pleasant stay. The park had a good vibe and leaves a happy feeling when I think of Ohio.

Going north thru the different states, up the middle of the Republic has been good, it freshened the memory I'd had of them. There is a lot of agriculture going on out there!

Just one more airplane picture.....

An HU-16, that was my first aircraft in the Coast Guard