Christmas morning 2015 in the desert at Ehrenberg Arizona

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Some things are universal

When I was a kid in Hawaii (early 60's) we used to decide things with a game called  "jon canna po".

I didn't know it, but it's the Japanese name for the hand game "rock-paper-scissors".  

I needed a picture and a sunset is always a good thing
This is a Tampa Bay sunset! 

I learned to call it "rock-paper-scissors" when I moved to the mainland.

Years later when I was in the Coast Guard a guy asked me if I wanted to Rochambeau for "it" (
I don't recall what the "it" was...).  Turns out that Rochambeau (ro-sham-beau) is French for "rock-paper-scissors".   

We were on the same page!

If you're sitting there wondering what "rock-paper-scissors" is, it's a hand game.  It's quick, it's simple & it's decisive. 
Here is what wikipedia says.

This is j
ust another one of those little things in life that I've got time to think about now....

Get your whiskey bottle autographed!
I'd never heard of such a thing...
This was an odd enough photo that I had to use it somewhere.