Bastendorf Beach, Coos Bay Oregon

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Bread Ties

Every time I go to open a new loaf of bread I grab the tie & start to turn it to the left to loosen it, then stop when I realize I'm going the wrong way!   These ties need to be turned to the right to open it.

A new loaf from the store

I come from a land where "righty tighty - lefty loosey" is king and every time I pick up a twist tie that is on backwards I wonder about it. 

For something different here's a tape 

I went online & looked at bread tie machines to see if there was a reason... that was no help. 

I went and looked to see if anyone else had noticed this & maybe found an answer? 
Sadly, it looks like I'm just another crackpot.

One thing I did learn on my search for "why the ties loosen backwards" was what the color of the tie means. It's a general sort of code for what day the bread was baked.

Blue is Monday
Green is Tuesday
Red is Thursday
Friday is White
Saturday is Yellow

My fascination with this got me thinking about another subject I actually care about, which way the toilet paper comes off the roll.

This question I found had a definitive answer, with US Patent No. 459,516 dated Sept 15, 1891, granted to Seth Wheeler.

Over the front

Getting back to the bread ties...
You can say "clockwise" to tighten.  I suspect there are a lot of people out there in the 21st Century who are not familiar with which direction a clock's hands turn... maybe I should just let that one sit....