Palm Trees in southern Florida

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

December 1st, 1960

 On this day 61 years ago I flew to Hawaii.

The 1st of Dec. 1960, we boarded a 707 in Los Angeles and flew to Hawaii. I was 7 years old. I don't remember the flight, I do remember arriving, the lei greetings, the rental jeeps with the striped covers (think of surrey with a fringe on top) and palm trees.

How much do I really remember from that day 61 years ago and how much has my mind built from photos & home movies? I guess, "Does it matter?" is the better question.

Our motel was across the street from Fort DeRussy, we were there over 3 months. I remember Suzi Lao, the maid at the motel and her Pearl Harbor/WW2 stories. I remember learning to swim underwater in the motel pool. I remember the little corner market behind the motel that had comic books. I remember the diner next door. I remember the sound the cockroaches made when my Mom ran them over with the stroller holding my sister as we walked on Ala Wai Blvd.

I don't remember second grade at Ala Moana elementary school and have vague recollections of the rest of the second grade at Maunawili elementary when we moved to the other side of the island (Kailua ,where we bought our first house on Papalani Street). I do remember 3rd & 4th grades at Maunawili elementary. And I do remember leaving my shoes at the door of the classroom in the morning and picking them up when I went home.

Funny how a single day can stick with you through the years....

I always feel the need to add a picture to a blog post, but right now I cannot find any of the Hawaii pictures but I can take a picture of our new house... it's getting really close to ready!

Waiting for paint on the ends, fill dirt around three sides,
stairs and the final inspection by the county!