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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mistakes & other things that just happen

It was Super bowl Sunday & one of my two teams were playing!
It took the Seahawks a long time to get there... how many years can you look honest & say "it's a building year" like you mean it?
My family is from the SF Bay Area & my first CG station was CG Light Station Pt Robinson in Burton WA . I was stationed there the same year the Seahawks started so I have two football teams to root for... Seattle made it this year.

About 10 minutes into the game my TV antenna died. It just has electronics inside. We went into town and spent money on food & drink to watch.

The antenna that stopped, the new one is the same

Monday morning I admitted to myself I'm a TV addict & was going to have to replace the antenna even if we did spend too much watching the game in town.  I went to "Acme" Amazon looking for another antenna & found it.

My question then was do I spend the extra for "Immediate Gratification!" ("click here if you want it delivered tomorrow") or wait a few days.... There was more than one antenna so I shopped for shipping & went with Amazon's antenna and chose "immediate gratification".  Tomorrow!

Tuesday came.... It seems there was a problem, "An exception in the sorting process has occurred.  UPS has taken corrective action." This was in Arizona.  Which meant I was not going to get "immediate gratification".  Bummer. I paid extra for that too....

They sent my antenna to Kentucky then to San Antonio Texas where they talk about "Adverse weather conditions". 
That was this morning & I'm thinking I made two mistakes.
1) I got my hopes up for 'almost' "immediate gratification"
2) I paid extra for it.
Then to really confuse me I check the UPS web site again & it's "out for delivery".
It's in, it's on & it works....

The lesson is don't root for any football teams..... :)

We are staying at a really nice RV place down by Rockport, TX.
Quiet, friendly & not far from the water but on the wrong side of the causeway if you want to ride your bike to the grocery store or library or anything in 'town'.

Thank you google
No room to walk (google photo)

Chalk this one to still another lesson learned.

Mistakes... I didn't order the antenna Sunday when it broke and I didn't think about bikes & where I was going before I got here.

Things that just happen just happen.


  1. I don't know if you follow Barney of The Old Fat Man Adventures ( He has been staying at Rockport, too.

    1. I follow Barney, Rockport is a big area & I haven't run into him yet.

  2. Haven't been able to subscribe to your blog. When I click your subscribe link I get pages of computer codes. Will follow manually.
    the Ol'Buzzard

    1. I'm not sure what to do about that but I'll take a look.... thanks!