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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A sense of humor is good

I'm sure most people who have done road trips in the west have gone over passes where there is a sign that says the pass elevation.

Some of those passes are way up there, I've seen photos of assorted VW buses parked in front of some of the high ones in Colorado.

I've always wanted to do that but haven't been close to anything approaching 5 figures in elevation.

Then I saw Logan pass...

Lonngren Pass, Elev 47

I am always impressed when someone with a sense of humor 
gets in a position to allow something like Logan Pass to get a sign. 

A sense of humor is good!


  1. Now hat is FUNNY!!! Glad you posted that. Now I live on the Texas Gulf Coast Plain an I am even over 100 feet up. On one trip we took an unopened bag of munchies along and when we got up in elevation, the bag blew up like a balloon.

  2. I wonder if you took a bag of chips from the coast to one of those 5 digit high passes in Colorado if it would expand enough to pop? Probably not but I wonder..

  3. Nearly the same route 1970 in a customized Volkswagen van. I had long hair back then. Sold the van years ago. Lost the hair over time.

  4. I finally got curious about the sign, turns out there is a story behind it!

    >>December 27, 1988

    The $10 million West Hoquiam truck bypass opens tomorrow and George Lonngren, the man who first conceived the project in the mid-1970s, will be on hand to cut the ribbon.

    In fact, the Hoquiam City Council has named the 2 1/2-mile spur “Lonngren Pass,” in his honor and there are signs at either end to that effect. Officially, however, the road connecting State Route 101 with SR 109 will be called the State Route 109 Spur.

    Trucks from the north headed to the ITT Rayonier sorting yard and sawmill will take the spur instead of traveling along Emerson and Perry Avenues and Lincoln Street.<<