Palm Trees in southern Florida

Saturday, February 1, 2014


From time to time over the last 40 years I've looked for a "really good "hamburger.  Well I guess I've always been looking for a "really good hamburger",  it's just over the last 40 years I've only found one from time to time.

Back in the 70's ... in Davis California there was a place called "Nation's Giant Hamburger". The burger was a big sucker fried on the griddle, a think slice of onion & tomato, really messy, and really good.  At "Fanny Anns Saloon" in Old Sacramento one Saturday afternoon I told the bartender I was looking for a "good" burger and I got one! 
Last year we stopped at a Denny's in Yuma & I had a burger, the beef patty was put together by hand and I don't know why but it was memorable!

I've been down in Texas for four months now and have had a burger at Whataburger three times, that one today was a "really good hamburger". 
It was messy with melted cheeses, grilled peppers and onions, it was just plain good.

Good enough to join those few burgers that I'll remember!

It's February already...


  1. I haven't had a hamburger in a long time. Now you are making me want one.

    1. Sometimes there is nothing quite like a hamburger... Whataburger is open all night !

  2. Whataburger used to get it right all the time. Now it is only once in a while and I eat a lot of Whataburgers.

  3. I too have been on the search for that one great burger. When I first moved to Houston I worked in the downtown area and there was a place called "Hamburgers by Gourmet" to date I have not had a burger as good as theirs.

    I too have eaten a lot of Whataburgers in my time but I share Barney's thoughts. Sonic and Dairy Queen are also hit and miss these days.