The view from the covered wooden bridge in Woodstock, Vermont

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Too fast

We were out on the road with the RV,  this is a pig at the best of times so fuel use is an issue and speed really cuts in to the mpg.
Too slow is just not right,  I'm already in the way of most traffic just because of the size and too slow is trouble.  60 mph is comfortable & usually not too slow.

Then you see a sign like this....

Wow, even thinking about taking this pig up to the speed limit is nuts!  Would this box on wheels be stable at those speeds?  Could I live with actually watching the gas gauge move as I drove?

I'm not planning on finding the answers to those two question...

The co-pilot didn't really care.

I was using the GPS to navigate & for the most part toll roads are not the end of the world so I have not checked the block to avoid them.
Later, after a number of picture taking toll crossings I came across this sign...

Then I remembered all the stories I'd heard about Texas building the roads, then selling them to a foreign company to run, for profit.  (Follow The Money)
How healthy a profit we'll find out when our mail catches up with us next week.  Maybe not checking the block on the GPS was a big mistake?


  1. I don't drive very fast. My F250 gets about 12 miles per gallon on the road, so I get in the right lane and if people want to drive fast I figure they can go around me.

    1. That works for me too as long as there is a left lane to go by me.
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. I have never checked the fuel mileage in my latest RV. I usually fill it up after each day's drive but I am sure it would go further since it does hold a hundred gallons of fuel.

    1. I'm one of those people who 'has to know' how far I can go on the fuel I have left. I think I was that way even before the flying around in Coast Guard airplane days..
      Thanks for writing!

  3. My traveling life centers around the 66 cents per mile budget ....