Palm Trees in southern Florida

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lines in the road

Have you ever stopped to really look at the broken lines in the middle of a road?

You need a deserted road to measure the lines, they were longer than I thought. 

This was actually the old bridge across Copano Bay in Rockport TX

There were more things to see out there besides the lines in the road.
It's a fishing bridge now, $3/pole

The real bridge
See how the supports are different?
A jelly fish

I wonder if the cement truck drivers get paid for sea duty?
Building another bridge
Plus it was a real nice day.


  1. Either you are real short or the lines are real long. When they start looking like dots you better slow down. . .

    1. I was surprised at the size of those little yellow lines, I'm 6' tall.

  2. Looks more congenial where you are right now than up here in the mountains.