Near White Sands National Monument in New Mexico

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lines in the road

Have you ever stopped to really look at the broken lines in the middle of a road?

You need a deserted road to measure the lines, they were longer than I thought. 

This was actually the old bridge across Copano Bay in Rockport TX

There were more things to see out there besides the lines in the road.
It's a fishing bridge now, $3/pole

The real bridge
See how the supports are different?
A jelly fish

I wonder if the cement truck drivers get paid for sea duty?
Building another bridge
Plus it was a real nice day.


  1. Either you are real short or the lines are real long. When they start looking like dots you better slow down. . .

    1. I was surprised at the size of those little yellow lines, I'm 6' tall.

  2. Looks more congenial where you are right now than up here in the mountains.

    1. Rockport is a very pleasant place!