Palm Trees in southern Florida

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Using Time

We are at a real nice free campground in Nevada, found it off the listing.
Reading the reviews I realized I'd heard of it before. Nina had reviewed it on her blog.

I have too much information when can come to a recommended free campsite and not remember that it was there.

Not too much really, I'm just not handling the information well...

Anyway its a beautiful place right on the water, the BBQ came with a fire ready to light!  Thank you whoever you are!!

We had chili dogs cooked over a wood fire next to a lake. Food always tastes better like that!

I took a walk and at the next empty spot (Saturday night, warm, great weather, free camping and there are empty spots?) I found a bottle cap from a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale, it was upside down and it read "You will never get back the five seconds it took to read this".

I thought about that for another  five seconds ... I think that was probably the best use that those five seconds that I could have had.
I had to do something with that time, time is like that. Why 'not' read that?

On a side note my computer was broken for awhile (that's going to be a different blog) and we were out of service too, actually right now we have Verizon (the MiFi hotspot & my wife's phone) but no Sprint.
After years and years with Virgin Mobile (Sprint) I think I'm going to change, it's been well over a week since I had more than one bar of 3g and have nada right now.


  1. I counted 61 blogs you read! Care to guess who's missing? hmmmm........Was it something I said?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yours is on the dashboard listing. Way back for some reason I took you off this one [as I recall you invited me to leave along with anyone else :-) ] but left you on the dashboard.
      I just kept reading what you had to say and never thought about it again.
      I'll fix that, thanks for pointing it out!
      Taken care of....

      blogger took out my usual symbol for a grin so I had to go back in & add the standard :-)

    3. thank you. I thought you might be mad at me!

  2. Brother Rat,

    I'm putting you on my short list...


    If you find a really decent cell service provider, please let the rest of us know. I'm about ready to change services my self -- been with Straight Talk for years.


    1. Straighttalk handles all of the services, my spouse's phone is a Straighttalk phone on the Verizon network.
      You just have to look when you buy the phone, in Texas we bought her an ATT network phone because Verizon didn't work there.
      Once I get my GalaxyS3 fixed I'll have to learn about Straighttalk's sim cards & what network they are on. ST's $45 is not as good as my VM $35 but if I don't have service...

  3. What a nice campground and the fact that it is FREE is an added bonus.

    Love your new header picture!