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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Stuck in the mud!

In the last few days I've tried (unsuccessfully) to help two different people stuck in the mud.

With Lake Mead dropping like it is if you try & drive to the water you are probably going to have problems. I walk out carefully, it's real soft.

This was all lake bottom not too long ago

The first guy was not even sure where his rented Suzuki was, we did finally find it. It was in up to the doors in mud ... I went down to look at it & got a little stuck, some shovel work & a little pushing got my van on the way. He called the park & they called for someone to get him out.

The second guy drove maybe 10' too far. We were going to be moving today anyway so I took a stab at it, 30' of chain & 20' of recovery strap. As soon as I gave it some gas he didn't move & my rear wheels sunk. If it had looked 'soft' I would not have tired it. Bummer!

Stuck first
both of us stuck

Lot's of digging, lots of rocks under the tires and it just sat there.

Here I needed a high lift jack

Finally a couple showed up in a red jeep, they were planning on driving to the water until they saw us stuck!  Seth and Natalee Our saviors! I never did get their last name... Seth really appeared to enjoy him self with all this.
Seth & Natalee stopped to save us! I did not get a last name

With his high lift jack & his jeep we got it out.
We had to jack it up high enough to get the rear end off the ground, put big rocks under the tires, then do it to the other side. we pulled it to solid then when & helped the other guy get out (78 year old disabled - retired vet, he was going fishing).
We both had one of those days!
The rocks to raise the tires

The hole

I'm sorry I sold my high lift jack before we took off on the RV adventure, I'm going to have to get one and a come-a-long. I'll bet this is NOT the last dirt road I travel on this year.

I was busy & didn't get near enough pictures.

For what it's worth if you get stuck & want my help you'd better be with in reach of the maintained road, I have had enough of  "no good deed goes unpunished" for this month!

I'm pooped.


  1. People see my 4X4 diesel truck and think it can drive right up and pull them out. WRONG. That heavy diesel buries the front tires in an instant. You are right about staying on the maintained roads. I am headed for the beach this morning and the Team gets real careful around sand.

    1. it's been hard to say 'no' for the most part, but I think my 'stay on the road' rule will work.

  2. Not surprised that a silted lake bottom is slippery.

    Have you heard of Trac Grabbers, the rubber blocks that strap on your wheels?

    I don't know whether to trust the stuff on the internet, so I was hoping YOU (grin) would buy a pair and give a review!

  3. Yes, I watched the sales video too. They might have worked, even after I had the rear end on the ground... walked me 6" (??) at a time.
    I really don't plan on doing this again :-) if you get some let us know how they work!

  4. I have a 4x4 Jeep. My rule is never use the four-wheel drive to get into somewhere, just use it to get back out. I don't always follow my rules.

  5. I commend you for trying to help someone in a bad spot specially a 78 year old disabled veteran.

    Kudos to the couple that helped you out as well.