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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Some Days Are Like That

We are getting closer to being finished here. Time to get the RV ready to move!
I felt bad about not running this RV in 6 months but that's how it worked out.

I've been keeping up with the battery water so that wasn't a problem, I did put the charger on the vehicle battery & took care of a few engine things I'd been planning on doing (new coil, new fuel filter at the carb & replace some vacuum hoses). I checked the oil & started it up. It took a few times to get gas up to the carb but it started right up and ran well.  :)

Then I tried the brakes. This is always a time of worry for me, it's been sitting for 6 months. The pedal went slowly to the floor and the brake warning light came on. 
Repeated pumping didn't change anything.  :(
Some days are like that.

Then to work. The master cylinder was half down in one chamber & 3/4 down it the other, I topped it off.  I inspected everything under there, no visible leaks. I bled the brakes, the pedal stayed the same but the brake warning light went out.
The light's out, is it fixed? Well, the fluid did go somewhere... probably not.

I have a maintenance book in the computer so I read up on this brake system, not much to it. A master cylinder attached to a hydro-booster.

The brakes aren't working correctly, nothing is leaking & I have the time & money ... so I ordered both the master cyl & booster. They should not be hard to change, the bleeding is a pain but some days are like that.


  1. You are so lucky that you know what you are doing and what things are REALLY wrong with your vehicle. Having to be at the mercy of mechanics and not knowing if the diagnosis they give you is the truth or an exaggeration...does not exactly give you a warm and fuzzy feeling.

    Kudos to you for being able to do it on your own!

    1. The hard part is getting my body to do the work, it's not as happy these days on it's back under a rig as it was 30 years ago. :)

    2. Replacing the booster is probably a good call. Likely vacuum from the booster is sucking the brake fluid into the engine intake. I know all about the body being not as willing as it was years back. I suffer from that same calamity :(

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  3. Sorry about the deletion. My fingers were not on the right keys. I will try again. . . my son has saved me a couple of times. He knows a lot about diesel engines and a long distance call is cheaper thain a mechanic.