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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Missing the casinos

My world has changed, I'd like to visit a casino & there are not any close to where I am.

For most of my life if I wanted to visit a casino I had to go to Nevada. A trip to a casino was a big deal

Then things changed.

For the last 15 years there has been a casino within a reasonable drive of where ever I was.  For half of last year I was in Altoona Iowa and the Prairie Meadows casino was across the street!

Today, right now, there is not a close by casino.

Yes, I really want to try my luck with my $20 entertainment money!

Casinos are more than gambling, more than maybe a good place to eat, more than a place to park my RV for the night,  they are a great place for people watching.   Quality people watching, almost as good as an airport!

Just one of those little things....

I thought about using the picture of a penny slot machine with an 80 cent minimum but who am I to ruin the illusion of the penny slots?

Iowa State Fair Pork Chop on a stick


  1. The "stick" on the pork chop was a bone and it was really good.

  2. I enjoy casinos. There are a few in North Carolina but I've not been to them. I've been to some in Las Vegas, Truckee, Lake Tahoe, and Reno. Never won anything but they had great food at very reasonable prices.

    1. It seems there are casinos everywhere but this part of Texas! I'd really like to go in with $20 and try my luck, I think I'll wait till April when I'll be back in Iowa.
      Thanks for visiting Harry.

  3. I have been in a casino in Arizona. Spent one dollar, won one dollar, broke even so left. Now I can say I gambled at a casino. Also stopped at an RV park in Mississippi that was associated with a gambling boat on the river. Didn't take the shuttle to the boat but got to stay in a beautiful RV park for a lot less than a KOA.

    1. I've enjoyed staying at casinos with the RV. Before we left WA we'd go to the Little-Creek Casino in Shelton to dump the tanks, spend a few entertainment dollars and watch the people.
      You're lucky you didn't win with that dollar, if it grew to $300 in front of your eyes you'd be hooked!
      Thanks for the visit Dick!

  4. Rob, come west, lots of casinos in New Mexico, I seem to contribute to their bottom line frequently.

    1. Lot's of casinos everywhere but here! I was in NM a few weeks ago & it was cold!
      Iowa to workcamp this summer (with a casino across the street) then Florida for the winter. I'm looking for a place I like for the winter...