Palm Trees in southern Florida

Saturday, January 18, 2014

What day is it?

This morning, after starting the water for coffee & half way thru the on-line comics I had to stop and look to see what day it was.

I was curious. I thought it was Saturday but I wanted to check.

Easy enough to do, put the mouse cursor on the time down in the corner of the computer monitor or look at the pocket computer (phone).

What is interesting to note is that life can get to a point where "what day of the week is it" is a question to be asked.

Just noticing a change in my life.

The last CG HU-16E on the west coast the day it left in 1979

 I really needed to add a photo, I like this one.


  1. I keep track by friday being garbage day and wednesday is potato soup day at the restaurant. good way to live!

  2. Before we moved into the RV Tues night was important cause the garbage trucks came early Wednesday ... I understand!

  3. I too have to ask myself that question more times than I care to admit.

  4. I don't feel so all alone with this anymore!

  5. That's the old Albatross, isn't it? I can remember seeing them parked on the transit ramp at Kirtland AFB during the early to mid 1970's.

    I sometimes don't know what day it is. Makes me feel out of the loop.

    1. I believe the Albatross was the official name, we called it The Goat. I worked in the "Goat shop" and have a "Goat Herders" patch.

      I guess the "what day is it?" question only matters if you need to be somewhere or do something on a specific day.
      I'll need to know what day it is again in May, I'll be working then...

  6. I do this as well, and a lot of times it feels like the days just blur into each other, and I lose track of time!

  7. I just love not knowing what day of the week it is or the date or even the time. UNLESS it turns out to be a Saturday on a Holiday week-end and I go to say the Manatee Viewing area and then I'm shocked at all the people.