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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cracked Earth

It's been some time since we had rain, the ground is dry & cracking, has been for some time.

I was noticing the cracks for awhile, it was odd, the grass was still green & the ground was cracked.

In a lot of northern California there are two seasons, the brown one & the green one.  This green grass with dried, cracked ground confused me. (I will admit that this is not a great picture of the grass & crack but it's what I had.)

Now that we have some time off there are a couple of farmer's markets we planned to go to, the first Wednesday one was supposed to start this Wed, because of the heat they canceled it. There is another market Thursday evening, we have hopes for making that one. The big Saturday market in downtown Des Moines is still going but so is work for us...

Just for something different here is the new Facebook data center going up, they expect it to be operational in 2014

The little & not so little things around me....


  1. I did not realize you all needed rain up north too! As you know the drought here in Texas is bad.

    How hot did it get that they had to cancel the farmers market?

    Guess today being Labor Day you had to work as the masses descended on the theme park.

  2. It was only about 100 plus the humidity...it's cooled down. We can try the farmers market this week.

    Not too many at the park today, it was crowded but no records were threatened. The last day of a 3 day weekend, people where going home and the park did close at 7.
    4 weekends left until the park is closed for the season.