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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Whale Watching

We took a whale watching tour with Puget Town Express out of Port Townsend, WA and had a great time!

We boarded the boat at 10am but it was a very short walk from the campground we stayed at. We were back in port by 3 pm. We ordered the box lunch and that turned out to be a worthwhile sandwich and a big step to a no-hassle outing.

Glacier Spirit

The crew was knowledgeable, professional and friendly. The boat Glacier Spirit was comfortable and the coffee was good.

Yes we saw whales! I'd go again!!

Good views on the way

Folks dressed to be outside

Our position was tracked and displayed

Thar She Blows!

Any whale sighting brings out all the whale watching boats 

The other two boats

Seeing the whale's tail like that gave me a good feeling

I enjoyed it, it was worth the money and I will do it again.


  1. Nice that you did not have to walk far to get on the vessel and go on the whale watching tour.

    I had to smile when you said you all had coffee. Seeing everyone all bundled up I could feel the cold coming through my computer screen. Even I would have had to drink coffee perhaps spiked with Kahlua!

    While I liked all your pictures I think the second picture of the white vessel (do not know my boating terminology) with the blue sky and white cloud formation turned out exceptionally well.

  2. I included the sailboat picture because I liked it too!

  3. Cool! We tried whale watching in Alaska and both of us got so seasick that we missed everything. :-D

    1. This one wasn't bad, I was happy! I've been seasick before and that would make for a long trip.
      I talked to son today & he said he's been on a couple of whale watching trips but the last one he was in terrible shape and was not sure he'd do it again.

  4. Nice post on the boat tour. I usually try them out when I run across them. I'll put this one on my list of things to do. Be safe out there, especially with winter coming on.

    1. That was my first "boat tour" & I liked it.
      Winter! It does look like it's coming! We're going to be here until after Christmas so we get some this year!

  5. Hey Rob, Do you think the $50. RV rates are worth it at the marina-RV Park?
    Living in Washington always looking for new places to stay.

    1. I really thought that price was high but high prices are happening all over the place!
      That park/marina is a real nice location for doing things in Port Townsend. We wanted to do things, we spent the money...