The view from the covered wooden bridge in Woodstock, Vermont

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Las Vegas

When I was a kid, Las Vegas was where my parents went for a 'Parent Fun Place'.  Back in the late 50s Nevada was about the only legal gambling in the US. Things have changed but I still get a small flash of excitement when we drive over a hill & I can see Las Vegas.

A casino on the strip, look familiar?

When you really need some room there is a way

A pyramid on the strip

Over the years I've been here before, so it's not all "new". 

More than once, I've come here for recreation 
in & about Lake Mead.

Zip lines on Freemont St

But I never stayed for long in Las Vegas, maybe two nights (and they were busy nights while we tried to cram "it" all in). This time we brought our house with us, found a nice place to put it and stayed for three weeks at the Kings Row RV Park. Nothing fancy, but it was clean, safe, a good location & reasonably priced. The broadcast TV & internet cell service were top notch too. 

Who says the old Vegas is gone?

We went to the Titanic Artifact Exhibit
, That was something! We also went to the The Las Vegas Show, which was about the big acts & people from the 50s & 60s. Impersonators, showgirls, comedians, a magician;  I enjoyed it.

We went to the Heart Attack Grill on Freemont Street

It's a BIG patty on the burger. I had a double, what a mistake! Your waitress/nurse will beat your ass with a paddle if you don't finish it all. 

He didn't finish his lunch

We were sitting next to the stand where you bend over to take your punishment and those ladies were not holding back!  There was this one nurse/waitress:  it was like she was getting even for every lousy tipper she'd had that day! Shoulder, arm, whole body was put into the swing and real follow through!!  It was a LOUD smack!!
NOPE, I finished mine!

The crowd in the Heart Attack Grill

I just didn't have a spare "C" note to go shoot machine guns or ride zip line rides downtown, next trip!  
We did make it to Hoover Dam & Lake Mead.

Lake Mead used to be up by this outhouse. Even low like this, it's still a huge lake. 

There was a lot of competition for us tourists; billboards, trucks with billboards, people passing out cards & come-ons 
for time share presentations as you walked. Plus the casinos themselves...  

Lawyers!  Las Vegas is the land of lawyers! They are on the bill boards, the TV ads, on buses ... you can't get away from them!  Some clever, some greedy, some are just lawyer ads.

The men's room at the Heart Attack Grill

This visit I wasn't rushed, not in the least. I didn't live there either. This visit was different. 

Las Vegas has that vibe of money, power, tourists, fun, the whole "sin city" thing of Las Vegas.  Pot shops that will sell you  pre-rolled  joints &  amnesty boxes at the airport to dump what is left before you go through TSA security.  

Remember that ad about "...Stays in Vegas"?

It was a fun stay!


  1. I like your header picture. Isn't gold pretty??!!

  2. I do not know how I did not see this post until this evening.

    I have never been to Las Vegas but certainly enjoyed your perspective on this visit.

    Thanks for the heads up on the Heart Attack Grill as I certainly would not want to get paddled for not finishing my burger.

    The men's room was equally funny!

  3. That paddling part cracked me up!