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Friday, August 29, 2014

Boondocking on the Columbia river

I stopped at the COE area by the John Day dam in Rufus Oregon.

It's on the Columbia river, there was a flush toilet & several vault toilets and fishing. This is a good sized area spread out along the river.

I cruised around on my bike. There were a number of tents, trailers that looked to have been there for awhile and treaty fishing stands along the river.

fishing stands along the river

A camp under a tree

Stands on the Washington side
There was a lot of empty space the Friday morning.


more room

There were trains on both sides of the river

I didn't notice the train or road noise, it was a quiet place. 
It was a place to sleep out under the stars.

 As a plus the water running out was colored at night!


I need to a explain the fishing stands. 
They are used by the tribes to fish the river in accordance with treaties.
I added two photos. The first one shows a hoop net on the stand and the second shows one being used.

Hoop net
Fisherman with the hoop net in the water


  1. Why can't people fish from the bank? Do they need stands to try to cast out further?

    1. The stands are used by the tribes with treaty rights to the river, I added a couple of photos that I hope will explain it a little better.

      There is bank fishing, I was talking to a guy who had two poles in the water. He rattled off 5 or 6 different fish he was willing to take if they cared to take his bait, salmon I understood but I was unaware there were Walleye in the river.

      Sorry I didn't explain that well enough Dick...

  2. Looks like a quiet place to boondock. I liked how they covered their tent maybe to be able to stay cooler longer in the morning?

    Nice night pictures as well. Wonder if the lights had something to do with the upcoming holiday?