Palm Trees in southern Florida

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Travels

Christmas Eve found us finishing the last 150 miles of a 2800 mile trip to surprise our children for Christmas.

We were traveling in a 1990 GMC van from rest area to rest area with an RV park stop in Quartzsite so we could look around early in the Quartzsite season. At Quartzsite there were still a lot of people setting up & a lot of room for RVs, still it's a place I enjoy.

Just an example of what you can see in Quartzsite in the winter

Between El Paso & Tucson we stopped to use the bathroom at a place we'd seen billboards advertising for miles, "The Thing".  We paid the one US dollar (ea) to see "The Thing", it was worth it.
I'm not going to say what it was, take a drive & spend the $1.

I saw a number of people on the road were I could guess 'why' they were going ( a form of entertainment while traveling at 70 mph on good roads).
Some were easy to say they were going home for the holidays, others really looked like they were moving.
I always wonder "why" someone is moving... I did find out in one case as I talked to the guy in a rest area. An older gentleman moving from Kentucky to Phoenix to live with his son. He had tools in a Harbor Freight (type) trailer and said his son thought it was time for this & he agreed.
I wonder if this is going to happen to me....

As I was driving through Portland Oregon on Christmas eve I wondered about where all the other people were going, traffic was thick but it was moving... they were probably the same sort of place we were going, to visit family during the holidays.

Good times was the goal.  We did achieve surprise and good times were had by most (me for sure!) ...

I'd like to wish anyone reading this an acceptable next year (even better than this one!) and if you run into a guy at a rest area who wants to talk about "why" you're moving, indulge him if you can <g>.


  1. Sounds like your Christmas was at least interesting. I spent mine cleaning up debris from Gemini and trying not to freeze.