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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Golden Age or Too much time to think

I live in a campground, A lot of the people in this campground work at an amusement park. Think of the campground as being in the middle of an area.. On one side we have amusement park rides & a water park, on the other we have a casino & horse racing.

Foot long corn dogs, cotton candy, a pickle on a stick & a ride on the roller coaster or a really nice buffet while you sit & watch the races, maybe some  blackjack, roulette, slot machines or  poker? Both places have adult beverages too..

I have time to think with my job, I have to pay attention but there is time to think.  
It's sometimes odd where my thoughts go...

We are living in the 'Golden Age', here in America at least.
Look at human history, for just about forever if someone could take something, anything, and keep it, it was theirs. Anything.  
Our society has gone to great lengths to prevent that behavior and I appreciate it.
Real property rights are well established and well protected, slavery is not at all wide spread, violent crime is there but not near what it could be.

Not enough for you?  

We have ice when ever we want it, we have music that comes out of tiny boxes just for us or for the whole world if we want. 
We have worldwide communication and access to all knowledge in our pocket. 
We have stores that are open 24 hours a day where you can buy a gallon of milk, a pair of shoes made on the other side of the world, a jar of salsa from NYC, a loaf of bread, a steak and a 10' piece of electrical conduit and pay for it with electronic money...
Is modern America great or what?
This is an HU-16E over the SF bay in 1978, there is a guy standing in the door making a gesture. It's not me I was in the other plane taking the picture. I've always liked this photo and I needed to put some picture here...

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  1. It seems like you are in an ideal location. No doubt modern America is great!

    Nice picture :)