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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Moving on

I had to do away with my shirts in the drawer calendar, I left the amusement park & am returning to Washington.

The 'work' shirt calendar
Regular shirts

 The full time work was over (just weekends now) and I had some stuff to take care of back in Washington so I left.

I realize I set out to full time/travel & turned into a migrant worker really fast. Working is a hard habit for me to break!

Just driving
Maybe I want to go somewhere else?

There are a lot of 'movers' on the road going in both directions. I have to guess of course unless I get a chance to ask them but it's not that hard to guess, if they are pulling a car on a U-Haul dolly with a U-haul truck & the car has pillows & other last minute bedding in it it's a good guess they are not going camping.
I can't say if there are "more", I don't spend enough time on the road.

As I headed west the gas prices went up & so did the elevation but I kept chugging along.

The road just goes on and up

I found that my carburetored RV engine was not happy much over 5000 feet, over 8000 feet it was real slow going, there is a lot to be said for electronic fuel injection when you are dealing with the altitude.

I learned a bit

 Rest areas had things to see and there was the never ending road.
A Nebraska rest area

I was again reminded of the families who made this trek 170 years ago and the major physical effort they put out to do it.

Wyoming rain

The road

that never seems to end

When you get to the Columbia River you know you're getting closer.

John Day dam, Rufus Oregon


In time the journey ends... for now.

but at the end of this journey there is a movie!

Skyline drive-in in Shelton Washington


  1. 1995.6 miles and 6.65 mpg if anyone was interested

  2. I have never checked the fuel mileage for the RV I own now. My old class-C got anywhere from 6 to 12 mpg depending on what I was pulling with it and the steepness of the hills. When on the road, I fill up the tank on the one I got now every day. It very seldom gets below a half tank, but the tank holds a hundred gallons of diesel and I usually only drive 250 to 300 miles a day. OK, it is time for you to quite that work habit, even if you have to do it cold turkey (grin).

    1. I am one of those people who cannot imagine not checking the mileage. Just goes to show you that we are all different!

  3. My bank account misses my old paychecks but I sure do not miss work :)

    That is a lot of miles travelled but you sure do look happy driving. Relax a little and enjoy not having to go to work.