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Friday, August 15, 2014

Keeping track of time

I have a watch for work, I picked it up at Walmart for $12.98. It lives in a pocket when I'm not at work.
I have calenders with my grandkids pictures on them, I look at the pictures a lot, those are great calenders!
My phone has both a clock and a calender, it works really really well & lives in my pocket when I'm not using it. I print that same calender out (gotta love google!) & keep that next to my computer, it has 'things' on it that are important to me but no pictures.

And I have my work shirt drawer. I work six days a week and I have six shirts.

As the week goes on...

When I open that drawer and see only one shirt left I know I made it again!

It looks like I should update my map too

Sunday is my last work day so the shirt drawer trick won't matter anymore...
I'm heading back to Washington to take care of some things.


  1. It seems like no one wears a watch anymore...they all depend on their cell phones for the time. I bought me a $10.00 watch at Walmart a couple of years ago but since they no longer change batteries out there, I have to remember to take it to Mexico on my next trip.

    I can't believe your last work day is Sunday...seems you just got there. Have a safe trip to Washington.

    1. If I have a watch on I turn into a clock watcher, pocket watches were my thing for many years. This watch is needed at work.

      We got to Iowa in April, four & a half months ago... I'm leaving early but work goes to just weekends after Sunday (weekends until Oct) & I do have things to do back in Washington.

      Thank you.

  2. I really enjoyed my five and a half years working in Washington state.

  3. I wear a watch to keep track of what day it is, not only the time.

  4. I carried a pocket watch for years otherwise I'm a clock watcher... After I retired Tues was important because Wednesday was garbage day :)