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Monday, March 3, 2014

Looking for work?

I'm at a point in time where I'm not looking for another job, I have seasonal work I like and it starts next month.
During the nine years in Washington I would have taken a different job...

You spend most of your life doing whatever it is you do to put food on the table & a roof over your head, doing something you like really makes it a lot more fun.
My job in Washington paid the bills & then some but it wasn't usually anything more than a job.

I'm down in southern Texas and there are help wanted signs all over the place. Not just at Popeye's Chicken or the pizza places either!

The county is looking for road crews, that sure sounds like a government job and they have a billboard for it!

On several different occasions I have seen a help wanted sign for this project, they wanted laborers, welders & a tug boat captain.

There is a TV group out of Victoria that has been advertising for behind the camera help, non traditional hours and they will teach you. Wow!

I even heard an ad on a radio station out of Corpus Christi looking for apprentices,  that's not something I hear about very often.

Actually none of these jobs are something I hear about very often....


  1. I am not looking for a job. I worked for others and for myself up until after I turned 70. After I completed the project I was working on, I quit. No more jobs for me, except "honey do" jobs.

  2. I find I'm still enjoying working when I'm enjoying what I'm doing, this will be my second season at the amusement park in Iowa. But I think I'll take some time off next year.

  3. Many people say there are no jobs specially in small towns. However, the reality is different, even in small towns there are jobs...just that some people would not consider them as such or perhaps it is just more than they are willing to take on.

    I was once offered a job as an apprentice in a Tejano radio station in Rosenberg, Texas (suburb of Houston) to this day I regret not taking it for fear of leaving my stable well paying but BORING job in the old industry.

    Too late in my life did I come to realize that doing what one loves to do in the long run is a hundred times better than being in a job you hate just for the monetary award it offered.

  4. Jobs are everywhere, most people are looking for "positions".

    1. I think the county job & the tv deal both might be called "positions".
      Then again I was not commenting on what people do or don't do, that's their life & no one really has any say on that but them.

      I was thinking about these jobs, me & what was available the last time I was looking.

      Thanks for your comment!

  5. I recognized those Washingtonian palms, all right! Head for the Valley and find a part-time job there. Cost of living is very low compared to other places. Let me (us) know what you find. Or maybe head out to Port Mansfield and just do some fishing.....

  6. I'm heading to Iowa at the end of the month to do another season at Adventureland. I really enjoyed it last year!