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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona....

I was sitting in a diner watching "the standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona park".  The diner needed a sign you could see from the corner, breakfast was ok, the waitress was good, the cook was slow but you could watch the corner park.

Winslow's claim to fame

View from the diner

A steady stream of 'older' tourists stopping to take pictures of and with the bronze statue of a guy with a guitar or the flatbed Ford.

I emailed some pictures to my kids and they had no idea what I was talking about, quoting the memorable lyrics gave about 50% return of "oh ya, that song".

Where else has a song proven to be this kind of draw? Why else would I have been in that diner for breakfast Saturday morning if not for that song? I can think of no reason to be in downtown Winslow other than that & I only knew about the park from another blog!

I wonder how many years it will be before they clean up the corner because no one remembers what it's all about...


  1. Hope it stays around. Trouble is, different generations have different things and what was important to me (an old guy) isn't to them. They probably don't even know that song.

  2. I remember that song. It came out when I was a freshman at the University of New Mexico. I drove through Winslow frequently, it was on the road between Northern California where my folks lived, and Albuquerque.

  3. last time I drove through Winslow I don't think the Eagles had recorded that song yet. Thanks for the memories. the rat

    1. If I hadn't heard about the 'park' I wouldn't have gone to Winslow.
      Thanks for visiting!

  4. Haven't been out west - yet.
    Now that song will rattle around in my mind for the rest of the night.
    the Ol'Buzzard

    1. Sorry about that... I once had a TV show theme in my head for weeks, it was nuts!
      A lot to see in the west, I'm a big fan of the Pacific Ocean... but I grew up around it.
      Thanks for the visit!