A Padre Island sunrise

Thursday, December 12, 2013

This part of Texas

I'm down in south Texas for the very mild winter, because I've never been down here before, because I wanted to be close to the salt water again, because I wanted to see if I could get into fishing again and because everybody has to be somewhere. This is a better place for me to be than most right now.

This is a land of flat, a land of oak trees & birds, a land of bbq stands, a land of Mexican restaurants, a land of fishing boats. The roads are flat, mostly straight and have high speed limits. A land of Winter Texans judging by the out of state license plates you get stuck behind going 25 in a 45 zone every time I go into town.
I have not seen this many Minnesota license plates since the trip to Lake Havasu City in January a few years back!

The TV ads, there is a subject in itself!
Lawyers, lot's of lawyers and title loan places, there must be a booming business borrowing cash with you car's title as collateral... there are a lot of ads on the TV for those loans, almost as many as for lawyers.
Texas ads!
You can tell I'm in Texas by the ads! We've got Mrs Santa & crew eating like they do in Texas, we have trucks & cars that are built just for Texas, I learned that the first words from the moon were Houston!  It is interesting.

Lot's of pickup trucks here, I have noticed more Chevy trucks than Ford trucks, some days more Dodge trucks than Fords but that is unusual. Not many full sized Toyota's & most of the small trucks 'I've noticed' have been American brands.

The people are very friendly, the weather has been pleasant and the ads are Texan. Texas is a big place and I'm just seeing my small part of it but that will do for now.

Merry Christmas!


  1. I've always liked West Texas and the panhandle. I spent a summer at Kingsville NAS once and that's about the only exposure I've had to the part you are in. I liked it, though. Padre Island was really nice. That was in the early 70's, I expect it is all condos there now but back then it was largely pristine.

    1. I suspect the summer in this part of the world is REALLY different than the winter .

  2. I remember in the early 80's how all I saw in Houston was Michigan license plates. They did not come for the weather...they came for the jobs.

    Like the title of your blog...you have been doing a lot of observations.