A Padre Island sunrise

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Damn dog!

At 2 am the dog starts barking, I let him out and he's still barking, I thought he had to go... I tell him to get in and he does, I take him off his long leash and go back to bed.

I can't sleep now. I toss & turn till 0330 & get up, turn the computer on & check the news, weather, comics & bank balance, the usual morning stuff. I read the blogs & email. No coffee.
About 0530 I'm tired again and go back to bed.

I actually sleep! I have dreams (I'm usually not aware that was dreaming) and wake up about 20 minutes till nine. Time to make coffee & go.

Ever heard of the "second sleep"?

The dog I was talking about


  1. Sure looks COLD in that picture. It is 76 degrees here right now. But, it is suppose to cool off some toward the end of the week.

    1. That was around 4 o'clock in the afternoon a couple of days ago, I had a tee shirt & short on.
      There are saying Fri afternoon the cold front should hit here.

  2. I need to make it back out on that breakwater while I am in town. It is kinda fun to sit out there and just see whatever there is to see.

  3. Maybe there were aliens out there about to abduct you, or Big Foot was around!

    My dogs do that at night, wake me up barking and then I can't go back to sleep. But usually, when they do, there's something going on like coyotes or bears.

  4. I was not aware you had a dog Rob!

    Well at least you were awaken by your own dog...unlike me that are awaken nightly by one of the dogs of various neighbors.

    I love that dashboard hula girl!

  5. Dashboard hula girls rock-n-roll!