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Monday, September 2, 2013

Too many different restaurants to have a favorite?

We have some time, a little money & the desire to go out to eat now & then.  We are only here in Iowa for a short period of time.... There are a lot of restaurants in 'this' area so trying a different one each time we go out is a reasonable thing.

It sounds so reasonable but the reality is so different.... what do you do if you find one you really like? Hell what if you find that "one" dish at a restaurant?  Say that it was really good and then good-bye because you had a "plan" and one fine restaurant didn't fit in it?
Change the plan? There is only so much money that can be used for eating out, it doesn't happen every night.
Decisions decisions.

The reality is we go to ones we know we like and are affordable almost half the time & a new one the other times. Such is our life.

One of our favorites is the horse race track. They have a nice buffet at the track upper dining area (around $15), tables with screens to watch the action and a button to push if you want someone to take your wagers & don't want to walk the 50 feet to the cages.
$5 drinks, linen table cloths and $2 to wager on a horse is actually cheap entertainment.

Upper club dining area looking at the track

A table & TV screen at your table

The horse track is attached to a full sized casino & that's always a lot of fun. One thing I have noticed is the 'Penny Slots'. Cheap entertainment right? For a lot of the machines it is but when the penny slots have minimum wagers from 25 cents to 80 cents I have to wonder. It's still another fun place to spend $10 in entertainment money!

This is a one cent machine

The smallest bet allowed on this penny machine is 80 pennies


  1. Truth in advertising? 80 pennies in a penny machine? Times are hard and all the prices have gone up or are going to go up including penny machines (grin). When we travel, we always make our own meals. Both my wife and I prefere it that way. One of the advantages of having an RV.

    1. I figured the "Penny" machine was merchandising/advertising but they do have a lot of machines you can just bet a penny a pop at.

      We spent a lifetime cooking at home, eating out once a week or so is a treat :)
      Having too many places to try is a 'good' problem to have!

      Thanks for visiting!!

  2. LOL, I was playing one penny on the penny poker machine and got a ROYAL FLUSH. On a 1 penny bet!! Usually you tell the floor person and they take pictures, but I was so embarrassed that I'd only bet a penny, I didn't bother to tell them. I won 27 cents....On another penny machine, I put a 20.00 bill in and was down to 1.60, and then won $1,280.00
    That was a great day!
    I do like the restaurants most casino's have, some good food reasonably priced.
    Keep on having fun! I enjoyed your blog too.

    1. Thank you!
      The other day my wife was down to less than $1.50 on a penny machine and won $54, that was exciting!
      A Royal Flush and only a penny bet....fun none the less I'll bet.

  3. You are lucky you have lots of restaurants to try in your area. Not so much where I live now. That is one thing I miss about Houston...lots of restaurants at reasonable prices.