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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The winter weather warning

On my browser at the bottom I have a weather thingee that changes every minute & shows a different place. I picked the places that it shows so it's where we are, where the kids live or places I'd like to go.  I glanced down and saw the predicted highs for Yellowstone. Oh wow, looks like winter already!

Then I went to the warning

It's not bad here yet

Nothing of our plans have changed, it is just a reminder of what is down the road. We were leaving next week anyway.


  1. I always like snow way back when I lived up north. I always tried to find an excuse to take a drive or a walk when we got fresh snow. I miss the snow but not the mess afterwards nor do I miss the short, gloomy days of winter up north. Winter near the Gulf Coast of Texas is usually very nice but there have been exceptions.

    1. I'm not far enough away from my snow days to look back fondly on them, I had 4wd, snow shovels & blowers to deal with the snow.
      I'm willing to bet the Texas coast 'cold' doesn't get close to zero (f) or last all that long! :) (At least I hope!)
      Our water hose froze a few times last year in Quartzsite, I could live with that...

  2. Seems almost odd to hear of snow at this time of the year when one lives in the South. It was 94 today.

    Would not mind snow once in a while....specially to kill all the mosquitoes and ants :)

    1. I've had enough fun with snow & cold. Snow is something nice to look at but I don't want to have to move it.
      In Minnesota it was nice after the first good freeze because all the mosquitoes were gone.