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Sunday, September 22, 2013

The move...

It's almost time for the 1200 mile drive to some place warmer.

Altoona to Rockport with a stop in Canton

A variety of things conspired to wake me up early today and my thoughts turned to moving in 8 days, this RV has been parked since April & there are things that have to be done.
With this 'sitting in one place for awhile' lifestyle I think a 5th wheel would have been a better choice for a home.
I made a list of "must do" things to put on the wall.

I have to work today so it will be 3pm before I get to anything on my list.
This morning I did look at the Sunday comics, checked the updated blogs, had my morning bowl of oatmeal and then for something different I had a grilled cheese sandwich (sourdough bread) for breakfast.
(The pot has black beans soaking overnight).

Grilled cheese

The last time I had one of these breakfast urges it was a bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwich.

While checking the blogs I realized it was time to put something new on mine and the upcoming trip came to mind.  Not so much the trip as the google map showing the trip!
Finding out how to get the map from the computer to my blog turned out to be not that hard to do.

The Rockport Texas area

I'd like to wish everyone a pleasant Autumn!


  1. You will going past my place, missing it by about 7 miles or so. Sometimes my RV sits out in the driveway for months and months but that old Cat engine always fires right up and is ready to go. Which reminds me, I need to take off on a trip soon.

  2. I'm going to check the vehicle battery tomorrow & put the charger on it... I need to change the oil too, 7 qts in the 454 is what the book says & that's 2 qt more than my drain pan was built for. I see a problem!

    1. With that much oil in the pan, you should be able to go a lot miles between changes. The problem I have is that my generator takes a different oil than my main engine.

  3. I always wondered how RV's after sitting for a while always seemed to start whereas my cars wont.

    If for some reason your RV would not start would they allow you to stay a couple more days?

    Good luck with the move.

    1. I'm going to put the charger on the start battery this morning & see what what we can do.
      Workcampers can stay here until the 14th if they want to so we have time if there is a problem. I'm just ready to move :)

  4. Rob, Just saw your comment on Bob's blog. Wanted to say HI! From another Coastie aviation rank.
    Curtis Carper
    AE3 1969-1973
    Coast Guard Activities Guam
    ARSC Elizabeth City NC