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Sunday, September 8, 2013

I live on the Hellmann's side of the country!

Some things are different in the east... bridge heights, mayo brand names & TV/Radio station call signs are a few that come to mind...

I wasn't sure where the line is for the mayonnaise name is but in Washington state, Oregon, California and Hawaii the stores carry Best Foods Mayonnaise. In Iowa we have Hellmann's. 
All right, I looked it up ....they change the name east or west of the Rockies. That was a hold over from when Best Foods bought the Hellmann's brand in 1932.

We are still in the land of radio & TV stations starting with the letter "K", I believe that line is the Mississippi river.
(Well roughly the Mississippi river, where we lived in Minnesota we were east, then south and finally west of the Mississippi river.)

Back at the Home Depot warehouse if they were sending a truck to the east they had to make sure it was shorter in height than a truck for the west coast. The word was the overpasses back east were not as tall as the ones out west.

What brings all this on you wonder? I saw something today in a parking lot that brought on thoughts of 'what's different here'. It was something that I was very familiar with from my 13 year vacation in the upper mid-west.

It was nothing I wanted to deal with again but I did take a picture...

My house has wheels.....


  1. I did not know that about Hellmann's...

    I also thought all radio and TV stations started with a K...just goes to show you can learn something new everyday.

  2. I am a ham radio operator and have my own call sign which begins with a W. When all the W calls were used up they switched to AA a K. Here is a list of all the radio call sign previxes that can be used in Americal:
    AAA–ALZ, K, N, W

  3. Yes over air commercial radio and TV stations are divided between east and west by roughly the Mississippi River to W for east and K for west.

    The Federal Dept of Transportation limits all vehicles (including RVs) to a max height of 13' 6" and special over size permits, flag/escort vehicles and signage for any that are over the height, width, length limits. Width IIRC is 102", length is 80', weight is 80,000 lbs and over that weight requires special trailers etc.. And not all roads/highways allow over sized or over weight vehicles. Some roads are also limited by the season.


    For mayo, we use Miraclewhip fat free.

    1. The first commercial radio station was in Pittsburgh and it had the call KDKA. It first went on the air in 1920.

    2. I never thought of the "1st" radio station, or the "1st" TV station either...

  4. I am not a fan of Miraclewhip or brussel sprouts. If my kids had either they had them somewhere other than in our house.

  5. KDKA may have happened before the government got involved very much.

    Last evening the DW was getting supper ready and getting something out of the 'fridge and pulled out a jar of Hellmann's mayo! When I posted I had asked her if we were using Miracalwhip and she said yes... We are in FL and I know we had Hellmann's in stores in PA back before we went full time in Oct 2006.

  6. This is what I added at the end of my reply to your comment on my blog: I like Hellmann's but prefer Miricle Whip. My wife said I eat so much of it I must have it floating in my veins. I figure it is OK as long as it stays floating and doesn't clog up something. . .