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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


[Edit note- I use my blog to watch the blogs I read & really noticed the 'days till we move' number in bold when I do... as the days roll on it was wrong, I had to fix it]

Thru much of my life there have been "deadlines", things that had to be done or places I had to be by a certain time.

School & the school bus, term papers, home work, dinner, work & take the garbage out were all common everyday deadlines. Some type of requirement was always there, it was normal, it was the fabric of my life. They were forever if anything was.

Then one day they weren't.
Well the deadlines weren't really gone, it was work that went away, the kids were grown & it just seemed like the deadlines stopped. They didn't of course, the garbage cans still had to be taken out Tues night...

Months pass. Things change again, back at work & I have to be out of the house by 0930 for my five minute bike commute to work & it continues.
Different but still the same, the comfortable sameness of an old acquaintance.... the deadline.

Now I have another deadline, in 16 days we need to start the motor on our home and drive it somewhere else.
That's what our home was designed to do, it shouldn't be that hard, people do it every day, at times we've done it everyday & I KNEW this day was coming when parked here on the 5th of April so it is no surprise.
But still my mind sees it as a 'deadline' & a big one.

At Quartzsite we sat for two months, it's been over five months here (so far).
I'll top off the start battery the day before I need to start it.

On the bright side we have a destination, going to Texas!
The plan is to check out First Monday Trade Days in Canton, TX then head to Rockport and see what the gulf coast has to offer for the winter.

Another deadline..... I sure hope my house starts....

I have to add a photo or three & I can't think of any that have anything to do with deadlines so these will have to do.

Bacon wrapped stuffed jalapeno peppers in a dutch oven
A rest area in Washington state named by Lewis & Clark
John Day Dam, Colombia River, Oregon side
It was good to see someone else has a sense of humor

Please, a moment of silence while you recall where you were the morning of Sept 11th, 2001.


  1. Since I know you read my blog, you have access to lots of info about the Rockport Texas area. Be ready for the severe corrosion on your rig. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about that area. It does get cold down there a few days of the year. Lots of things to see and do.

    1. I've spent a lot of life next to the salt water and corrosion is part of that. I miss the smell-feel enough that I'll deal with the salt.

      When I lived in Pacifica I had to hose the salt off the windshield in the morning to drive to work. In Port Angeles there was a drive thru car rinse, even the bottom as you left the CG air station. In Hawaii (60-66 & 87-90) the sea was always there, always.
      In Chicago & the rest of the upper mid-west there we no smell or feel of the sea, just salt on the roads in the winter...
      When we moved back to Washington in '03 we almost settled in Ocean Shores, almost. We should have.

      I may be sorry later but I really need some saltwater time..

      I do know where to find you Barney when I get some questions about the area! Thanks!

  2. When I lived in Washington I found the cold salt water corrosion rate to be about 80% less than the warm salt water corrosion rate. However the middle Texas coast has lots of fun spots on it. Heck I might even go back to Rockport for the December speckled trout runs. Have fun.

    1. Everything has a price & if being by the water has that price I'll live with it.

  3. Unfortunately deadlines are a fact of life. I always thought when I retired I would be free of them but alas to date that has not happened.

    There is one looming right now...October 15th...federal income tax deadline :(

    1. Heck, you have over 30 days, no need to rush yet!
      Of course some of us took care of that a few months back... :)

    2. Some of us don't have any income to pay tax on!