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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Autumn has arrived...

Yesterday I wore long pants to work on the RV because is was not warm out. This morning when I got up I thought about turning on some heat.
During the week it was in the 100's & today I'm going to wear a coat to work.

Fall has arrived and I have over 2 weeks left here in Iowa.

I was outside last night listening to the road noises. I-80 here in Iowa sounds different than I-10 did back in Arizona. Trains off in the distance sound about the same.
I can't 'see' the road from here like I could in Quartzsite but that's ok.

Those are the sounds of our modern life going on around us, without those sounds my life would be very different right now. If they were to suddenly stop I suspect the 2-4 weeks after that would be both unpleasant and memorable.

Some people go to great lengths to get away from the sounds of civilization.
I enjoy the sounds on a deserted beach as much as the next person, or the sound of a brook running over the rocks in the forest, a place where the crickets & frogs as the only noise, or the sounds you hear at 2am when you view of the night sky and the nearest neighbor is 1/2 a forest mile away.
Then again I have sat in my chair & watched the trucks carry the world past me on I-10, listened to the bad tires & the rumble strips, listen to the noise that our world makes.

Those highways & what they support allow me to do what it is I'm doing right now.... Typing on the computer & thinking about warmer places  :)



  1. If you head south don't go too far at this time, it is still hot, hot, hot here in Cut & Shoot, Texas.

    1. I'm here until October, warm or cold. I really really hope it doesn't snow :)

  2. I wish we had a cold front coming through here soon...but not such luck maybe in late October if I am lucky.

    I so enjoy the sound of "nothing" but I too enjoy listening to sounds of civilization like the music playing tonight in Mexico, the sound of the trains and the Border Patrol helicopters circling the sky.

    One thing I do not enjoy is the neighbor's yapping dogs :(

    1. You civilization has different sounds than mine does...