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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer in the mid-west

Yesterday it was humid, not the humidity that I found that summer in Mobile Alabama but the humidity you find 1,000 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico, like in Chicagoland. I suspect that by the time I'm accumulated to it it will be time to move on!
5 hours working yesterday just sucked the energy from me & 1/2 an hour in an air conditioned space off my feet allowed me to 'feel' recovered.

Right now it's wet wet wet outside, the radar shows yellow passing over us but better weather after that, my raincoat is going with me today if it's wet or dry when I leave.  I have to leave for work in either 10 or 20 minutes, work is close by. The time difference is on foot or by bike, getting dirty on the bike from the tires is my concern.
There are worse problems to have....

Stuffed Jalapenos wrapped in bacon in a dutch oven

I needed a picture, this one even smells good!


  1. Hope it doesn't rain while you are working. Those stuffed jalapeños look delicious :)

  2. Rained good for a bit before work started, cleared up and got humid. The peppers were great!