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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Part of the club

I've always liked Hawaiian shirts.
Palm trees, Hibiscus & Plumeria and maybe a hula girl too. Bright colors, muted colors & soft materials were all good. 
One day we out shopping and I looked around, it was like I was part of a club.... older guys everywhere with Hawaiian shirts, shorts, gray (or white) hair and beard (& it was a goatee usually). Tennis shoes or sandals. 

That was a couple of years ago & I stopped wearing my Hawaiian shirts.  I guess I just didn't want to belong to that club...

Palm trees

I have a really nice Hawaiian Polo shirt I found at a Goodwill, it's blue & has flowers on it. I've been keeping it "just in case" I wanted to start wearing them again.

I'm workcamping 6 days a week this summer & I really enjoy my day off. We went to a shopping center area on our day off yesterday to go to a Costco, it had been some time since we'd gone to Costco and the 25 miles was the farthest we'd traveled since we arrived here in April. I wore my Hawaiian polo shirt.


After Costco ($1.50 hot dogs!) we stopped at Best Buy so my wife could look at tablets, the guy who was helping us asked me if I was retired, he said it was the shirt. 

I guess I'm part of the club ... I did find some nice cotton Hawaiian polo shirts on line.

Flowers in Hawaii

More palm trees

Working 6 days a week is not nearly as fun as being retired.


  1. I guess I had never thought about it...I guess I have seen many retirees wearing Hawaiian shirts. Since I happen to like them, I thought they looked nice.

    I have always wanted to go inside a Costco but I am not a member and do not know anyone in my circle of friends who is...maybe one day :)

  2. Costco.. I would think you can walk in and ask to look around, we may have done that (it was a long time ago & I don't recall).
    My guide is always "will it save me money" and I have to be able to SEE the savings, like yeast, $4 for 2lb was a BIG savings when I was baking a lot. During a walk thru I can see where it will save me more than the cost to join. Check the gas prices too...

    Don't forget to stop & have a $1.50 hotdog & soda (cash or check only & they don't ask for your Costco card) or a piece of pizza on your way out.

    Maybe I'll be there with my Aloha shirt on taking my honey out for a cheap date !

  3. I think the nearest Costco is in San Antonio a three hour drive from Del Rio.

    In Houston there are Costco's but not close to my house. One of these days when I am there I may ask if I can look around, it never occurred to me to do that.