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Sunday, June 30, 2013

1st Class and 2nd Class citizens?

I read two different blogs this morning sort of about the same thing ... but not.

On one blog a very law abiding citizen who is a nomad & lives in a travel trailer was told by a forest service ranger to not worry about the rules and could stay in the same area (National Forest) for more than the allowed 14 days. Some other laws & how to deal with the lay breakers were discussed too.
The allowed variance from the 14 day law was welcomed.

The other blog talked of a forest service ranger who was not interested in how long a nomad had been there (National Forest 14 day rule) but was interested in the campers "residence".  It seems if the forest service ranger 'thinks' you don't have a "residence" they can ticket you for camping in the national forest. I do believe that ticket requires a trip to a federal court.
Several examples of this enforcement in action via newspaper articles were included.

FWIW it was reported that the high end RV's were not being questioned for proof of a residence.

I'm not really surprised, way back in the 90's my family & 2 tents had to pay twice what the 40' Class "A" next to us paid.
At that national forest camp (Cass Lake Minnesota) "sleeping units" were billed.

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  1. It makes you wonder doesn't it? I guess they figure if you have a high end RV you are a law abiding citizen on a vacation.

    If you have a lower end RV, a van or a tent you are looked at less favorably. It makes you a "shady character" at least in their eyes.