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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Snow & slush...why am I in Iowa?


It's the 2nd of May, it was in the 80's & sunny earlier in the week and this morning we have snow, slush, rain & cold. As I was digging out my rubber boots, hat & gloves I asked myself why I am in Iowa?  As I was walking down to get the 5 gal propane bottle filled (it ran out this morning, they have propane here, it's $4.25 gallon plus tax) I again asked myself why am I in Iowa?

The Adventureland RV park

There is an answer for that & it had to do with a question a guy asked me the other day, but I'll have to do a little background. 

One of the lists I'm on someone asked for advice about going full time, I'm not the most experienced but I do have an opinion.
IMO getting a class "A" & towing the VW camper was a mistake, we should have sold the VW & gotten a 5th wheel &  truck and I said so.

This guy wrote and asked "why". 
I had to think about that, going from a feeling that something was a mistake to an answer as to why it was is never simple.  
We'd have a touch more room with the same length rig, a vehicle to drive and with our 'park for awhile in one place' schedule a class "A" isn't a benefit.

This gentleman is thinking about going full time so he does have questions, I understand.  He then asked what was the biggest expense with this lifestyle.
Here was my answer-

I was thinking about the "biggest" expense of this 'lifestyle', for us it's gas.

My plan was to live in this house & this house would go to different places, we'd stay for awhile to get to know a place. Well that is the plan.

Rent by the month can be very reasonable. If you move with the weather you can miss the weather extremes & dealing with those extremes (heat & cold) can cost.
Moving from place to place is what costs, my reality is gasoline at 6 miles per gallon.
Spending the night while going from place to place is nothing compared to the gas to get there. Spending the night with Passport America is almost cheap, Walmarts & rest areas are free.

Our fall back plan is to find a place we like and park there until we can afford the gas to go somewhere else. We have our home with us.

I hope this helps.....


That brings me back to today & why Iowa ....
Workcamping, almost free rent, different people, I have to have something to do anyway, a chance to save money for spending next winter and I'd never spent any time in Iowa or at an amusement park before.
Part of this is doing new things in new places!

It is May, the snow & cold will be gone soon & I can pack my long johns away again .... plus there is next winter.. 
Good enough for me.

The amusement park rides in the distance

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  1. Thank you for sharing the advice you gave that person on going full time.

    Hope warmth comes soon to Iowa.