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Monday, April 22, 2013


Over the years on the places I frequent on the internet "Terlingua" comes up, almost a mythical place. A place where people go to start over, an affordable place, a place with room for most anyone.

I went down to take a look.

The first 13 miles were paved
Striking country, rough & just beautiful, elbow room and a lot of people doing their own thing.  A great big chunk of desert not far from Mexico that is not on a lot of people's radars.
You have to want to be there but if you want it Terlingua is there.

3 miles didn't seem too far until I started on the washboard

I took the drive out to the Terlingua Ranch lodge, the tar road was fine but 100 feet down the washboard dirt road I knew that this RV was not a VW bus and this road was not the place for it! We turned around and headed back.
In that drive saw all shapes, sizes & type of shelters. Shade shelters, water tanks & Texas flags were prevalent.

The whole area was great, it reminded me of something, somewhere, some 'when' I'd seen before. Probably Sonoma county California back in the early 70's, not the physical country but the feeling I got from it.

We stopped at the Terlingua Trading Company & walked thru the graveyard, we stopped at Bobby's Blues and BBQ for some good eats. We walked out and looked at the stone house remains that were built by the miners at the turn of the 'last' century and we looked down the mine shaft. We enjoyed the warm but not hot weather.  We watched a truck delivering a cabin almost not make it up a hill. We took pictures and did tourist things then we headed for Big Bend National Park.

Terlingua didn't jump out and grab me but it's been on my mind since our visit.

End of the paved road, it was tough on the RV
A cabin being delivered

A home from the early 1900's

Down the mine shaft, Quicksilver is what they mined

Terlingua Trading Company 

Bobby's Smoker = Good Eats!


  1. Thank you Rob for this write up.

    You are right Terlingua is not for everyone but it can easily casts its spell on you.

    One day I too hope to join the many others who now call Terlingua home.

    1. Terlingua is one of those places....

  2. You gotta be headed there to get there. Not on the way to anything. But I love it.

    Thanks for the blog....we'll be checking on you.


    1. It really is not on the way to anywhere, maybe that's what Terlingua is all about?

  3. Oh, and here's another blog from a guy with a VW bus he is converting to an RV setup for traveling the country.

    Pretty cool.



    1. I've been reading him for awhile...

  4. Me too Rob. First time I happened on Terlingua, I got myself all excitis....think'n one day I would live there.
    Your description of the Terlingua Ranch Road was exactly like mine was when I made my turnaround.

    My 1984 VW "bus" sits out there in the yard, now used as a storage container.

    1. Grrrrrrrrr.....word verification.

    2. I'm new at all the blog stuff and it's learning curve... I don't see the word verification from my end. Sometimes I hate those things!
      Where can I find it to turn it off or modify it or do something?

  5. Go to Design then Settings and Post and Comments. There you have the option to turn on or off Word Verification.

  6. Hey Bud,

    This is a pretty good write up and your photos were great. Actually, our cost of living down here has gone up about 85 percent over that last two years. People are moving here like crazy! Phone company is doing three land line installations per day. Next time you visit come see Many Stones.