A Padre Island sunrise

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Life is about changes

The past 3 or 4 years in my life has brought a lot of changes so another change or two is not really 'unexpected'.

Today we are going to fire up the van (a Pleasure-Way class "B" RV) & hit the road. The house is listed with a  realtor, all our (remaining) personal stuff is stored away so I will once again be a vandweller.

The RV is on the right, the minivan stays at a friend's
 house. The 5th wheel and lot are for sale.

Back to the northwest for the summer is the immediate goal...

Our "prospective" route

 There is a story behind the "listed with a realtor" part of  this journey...

We went to Pensacola for a couple of weeks, ended up staying at a friends house that, due to insurance changes, she could no longer rent to short term vacationers. It was nice!

The town was good, the house was good, the location was good, the beaches were good. My wife said again she'd really like to live in a beach community and I again asked why she wasn't. This time the questions took root.

Turns out our friend was planning on selling her places in Pensacola and made an offer that was a fit for us! Come November, we'd have the necessary down payment and we'd buy the place. 

I thought we had an understanding.

Moving to the beach! Heck we thought, let's sell this place (it's not a lot but it's comfortable & paid for) and just do it all out!  The day after we signed the contract with the realtor our friend announced she was going down to show the house to a prospective buyer... seems she changed her mind about waiting until November.

No matter, life is about changes. If we sell this place we'll have money in our pocket to look for a place by a beach, if we don't we have someplace to come back to when it's time.

In the meantime, Arkansas has a state park that's a diamond mine, Mesa Verde NP (in Colorado) is right on the way to the Grand Canyon, and I have never gotten enough of looking at the big hole in the ground.

Good weather is coming to the Pacific Northwest and I have kids & grandkids that want to go camping.

Life IS all about changes, it's time to go!


  1. We spent some time at Mesa Verde NP on our way 'home' this year -- will be blogging about it soon. If you're coming from the East, the next possible right (less than a mile past the park entrance) is Canyon Road 34. Go in a short ways, take the first right and there are all kinds of FREE places to camp back in there. We stayed for three days while exploring the park = easy access and Cortez is only another 7 miles or so down the highway. Only decent "free" WiFi we found was at Denny's. Beautiful area but I bet they get serious snow/cold during the winter months at that elevation :)

  2. You just weren't ready yet! No big deal my friend! I bought and sold 3 places before I finally parked my motorhome. Enjoy your life and your adventures. You will know when it is time to build a nest.

    1. Yep, changes are life.. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Welcome back to the road!
    Hope your property sells fast. It looks like a nice place.

  4. It has been said that at the time of death our life flashes before our face: Everyone should strive for a double feature. We only go around once so what a waste to live in boredom.
    the Ol'Buzzard