A Padre Island sunrise

Sunday, February 5, 2017

The good feeling of building something

Building with wood.

I'd done a little building with wood over the last four years, doing & re-doing the inside of my vans. That was good.

I started out with the floor in the Ford van
A borrowed tablesaw at a borrowed work space

This is doing the 4th rebuild (Ford) as I search for a better way
2nd build in the mini-van

Then last week I built some stairs & a landing for the new home, I really enjoyed to whole thing!
I had forgotten how good it felt to build something like that.

The stairs

That left me with a real different feeling about building things!  The difference was as much in my head as anything else.

The lumber
Doing or re-doing a van in someone's yard and/or the parking lot of a big box home store is 'different'. It's a task, a job and it's different from working on and at your own home.  It's a good feeling, a better feeling.

It was a feeling that had been forgotten, it was nice when I realized I was smiling at what I'd done.

The hand rail

I have to admit that buying a miter saw & having a place to keep it was a BIG part of the feeling! When I down sized from the house to an RV I sold my tools & it seems I really missed them.

Getting the RV/home displaced the planned travels to Arizona but now that the basic things are done here it's time to go traveling!
It's still winter, time to go to Florida!


  1. You do nice work. You have a right to feel proud.

  2. Attention to detail and tender loving care in doing the work makes a big difference. You are welcome to work in my shop anytime! Nice job...

    1. Well thank you,that's something coming from you...

  3. I have always admired people that can build things with their own hands. I too would be very proud if I had done as good of a job as you did.

  4. Carpentry work gives you a good feeling of accomplishment: Plumbing will drive you crazy - love carpentry, hate plumbing
    the Ol'Buzzard

    1. Fixing a bad board can be a little work, fixing a plumbing leak can be a nightmare. "Just tighten it a tiny bit to stop the leak...snap! Oh damn!"

      I agree...