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Monday, January 9, 2017

The complexity of life

How do you measure complexity? I'm sure there are a lot of different ways (if you really wanted to measure complexity) but I think keys may be a good way to it.

I was swapping my pants this morning and looked at all the keys I'm carrying today. Two keys for the house, three keys for the RV, one key for my van, one key for my wife's van, one key for the mailbox and my p-38 can opener.

January 9th 2017

All necessary for "my" life today. Plus there is one more key for the house that I don't need to carry around for the outside boxes and several more for my life on the west coast. The west coast keys are on a ring in my travel back pack...

Then I thought about how it was less than a year ago. 
I had two Ford keys & my p-38 when I had the Ford van, when I moved to the Chrysler Town & Country I was down to one big car key & my p-38. The T&C electronic key was more a lump in my pocket than the two Ford keys but not really bad.

April 1st 2016

Then things changed.... Another person in my life, more things that have keys, more keys in my pocket.

More complex, yes, but better!

Complex is not necessarily bad, it's just complex. Good or bad is what you make of what you have....



  1. Keys could be a measure of complexity in ones life. If I were to judge my life in those terms, mine would be extremely complex.

    Keys are a reminder of all the things we have, that we value and that we want to keep safe. I put my Houston keys in a coffee can that weighs quite a bit and that I seldom access.

    I like how you end your post..."Good or bad is what you make of what you have...."

  2. Thank you for the thoughtful comment on the keys... your Houston house/(life?) is sitting in a coffee can, my "today" is in my pocket & there are two keys from my west coast life on a ring in my travel backpack.

    FWIW the west coast keys will on my key ring when I go back to pick up the rest of my stuff & most of the "here & now" keys will be left for when I get back.

    Again, thanks!

  3. Perhaps you need to simplify your life. I carry a car key a house key and a mailbox key. To be honest, I have about ten keys hanging on the wall inside my house.
    Oh well
    the Ol'Buzzard

    1. This is simplified, I used most of the keys in my pocket yesterday & two that hang inside today.

    2. If you ever end up with a bunch of keys and you forget what some of them are for (happens to me all the time), put the forgotten keys in a special "key envelope" and write the date on it. If you ever recover a key inside which works for something, write *that* date down as well. Once six months have gone by with the envelope doing no good, chuck the whole thing . . . don't even look inside. :)

    3. I had a key ring full of keys I wasn't sure what they were for, I hung in a closet out of the way.
      Every so often I'd find a box or a lock that needed a key & I'd check the stash.
      When I went mobile I got rid of the keys.
      Now combination locks... I had 2 locks thru my Coast Guard years, I can still pull out at least one of those number sets!

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      Good bye.

    2. Thank you for letting me know. My comment was a request--certainly not spam. By the way, if you care to see, many have welcomed it, and we are just getting started.

    3. Your welcome, better luck elsewhere!
      You're welcome to stay & comment or just read & lurk
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