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Monday, December 12, 2016


The other day I was under the van running a 12v wire up front from the house battery fuse box in the back, I was attaching the wire to the van with tie-warps.
This is what I call a tie wrap

Tie-wraps is what I called them in the Coast Guard so that's what they are now. Some people know them as zip ties, plastic wraps, cable ties, hose strap or zap strap.

They are a pretty good way of attaching things that you want secure & quick to put on but not permanently.
Good to hold things in place

I went & grabbed my bag tie warps and noticed I was almost out. Way back I bought a bag of 500 ties, that turned out to be a good thing to do... I use ties all over the place!

My years old (now) empty bag of tie wraps

Yesterday I was in Lowe's looking for something in the electrical section (without luck, I ended up ordering what I needed from Amazon) and noticed I was in the tie-wrap section.
This bag was $25 & worth every penny

I bought another bag of 500, I went with black this time just to change the pace & bought the longer they had in big bags.

I'm probably good on tie wraps for another 10+ years!


  1. I use them for everything, including hanging up my bird feeders. I put them in the same catagory as duct tape and velcro: Essentials.
    the Ol'Buzzard

    1. "Essential" is a good word! When I have a bag of 500 I never feel bad about using one for almost anything.

  2. The black ones are also UV resistant = much more durable for exterior applications exposed to sunlight.

    1. I wasn't aware of the difference in the colors, thanks!